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As the Yankees head into November, so much is up in the air with regards to pitching, sluggers and more specifically free agents.  It is very clear that if the Yankees don't bring in big name starters, yes plural, they will not be able to close the deal and head to the World Series.  We saw the importance of pitcher Stephen Strasburg who was named World Series MVP as the Nationals beat the Astros in seven games.  The Nats starting pitchers were consistent and they ate up innings, unlike the Yankees' starters who could barely make it to the fifth inning, taxing the bullpen and depending on offense late in the game to lift the team to victory.

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Austin Romine: The infamous Yankee back-up catcher, Austin Romine has contributed so much to this Yankee team.  "An argument can be made that Sanchez hasn’t lived up to the hype, and with every passing year plagued by injuries and postseason draughts, his potential takes a deafening hit. For the Bombers to make a splash in the postseason and reach the World Series, they desperately need Sanchez to play his best baseball." reported Empire Sports Media.  A second argument is that Romine has stepped up despite not getting as many swings at the plate or time in games. Losing him would be devastating.  Trading Sanchez would be a better option.  We need a catcher that can lead and support starting pitching.  If the Yankees go for Gerrit Cole, having Sanchez behind the plate is a liability.  "Romine doesn’t have starter Gary Sanchez’s power or throwing arm, but he’ll likely get multiple multi-year offers because he works so well with pitchers and he has a reputation as a clutch hitter. A good landing spot for Romine could be the Los Angeles Angels because they need a quality receiver and he’s a Southern California native who lives close to Anaheim," reported

Brett Gardner: The passionate heart of the New York Yankees, Brett Gardner is coming off his best season as a Yankee, blasting 28 home runs and 74 RBIs.  "His 2019 season mostly as a fill-in starter was very good– maybe the best of his career – and the Yanks not only want him back, but they need him in 2020 to be their starter in center field until Aaron Hicks returns in June, July or August from Tommy John surgery. The Yanks also greatly value Gardner’s leadership," reported  Sign him...very simple, even if Hicks was healthy.


Didi Gregorius: The infield leader and ultimate player-coach, Didi Gregorius is a must-sign.  He is the pulse of the team.  He gives the team life.  In 2020, Gregorius starts the season at 30-years-old.  He is an incredible athlete and although he started the season late due to his 2018-season ending surgery, Gregorius came back and hit with power in so many clutch situations in 2019.  "The Yanks could opt to go with Gleyber Torres at shortstop and play DJ LeMahieu at second base next season, but they’d be much deeper with Gregorius returning. It’ll probably come down to money.

According to, Gregorius has a market value of three years and $40.7 million, and that may be too pricy for the Yankees’ liking," reported  The Brewers are in need of a starting short stop.  As much as I want to him, the Yankees may not agree and use the money for starting pitching.  In my book, he stays, without question.

The rest of the free agents are guys like Edwin Encarnacion (who was given a 5 million dollar buyout but could come back at a discount just before the season), Dellin Betances, Cory Gearrin, and Cameron Maybin.  Let's hope the Yankees make smart deals in this off season when it comes to free agents and save some cash for premier starters who include Strasburg who will also be testing the market.

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
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  1. I believe we need Dellin Betances , he was sorely missed as he had until last year a rubber arm.


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