Tuesday, August 13, 2019


When the Cubs traded Gleyber Torres to the New York Yankees for Aroldis Chapman, they needed help and in the end, the Cubs won the World Series.

The Yankees got a top prospect, but as you know, saying a player is a top prospect means nothing until you actually see these kids perform at a major league level.

In the end, the Yankees got Chapman back, developed Gleyber Torres... and as you saw last night, Gleyber Torres is an animal and he's on a tear.  And right about now the Cubs must be kicking themselves.

Yesterday was a good day for the Yankees, but especially Gleyber Torres and Brian Cashman.  Torres performed incredibly... and ESPN has that:

"Gleyber Torres continued his decimation of the Baltimore Orioles on Monday, hitting a three-run home run in the sixth inning that moved him into Major League Baseball's record books. The home run in Game 2 of a doubleheader was his second of the game and gave him 13 total homers against the Orioles this season. 

The 22-year-old also hit a homer earlier in Game 1 on Monday."

Cashman not doubt has been smiling ear to ear about it.

Meanwhile the Cubs and Cubs fans are regretting moving Torres.

Cubbies Crib is a great site.  They write:

"In 2016, the Chicago Cubs needed a ‘lockdown’ closer. Aroldis Chapman was available, but it was going to come at a high-price. The Cubs ended up doing a 4-for-1 deal, sending Gleyber Torres, Billy McKinney and Rashad Crawford to the Yankees for Chapman.

The trade worked for the Cubs as they dramatically won the 2016 World Series against the Cleveland Indians. But Torres was one that we hated to let go. It’s becoming apparent why...It took two and a half years for Torres to develop into the player the Cubs anticipated. It was expected, but it doesn’t hurt any less."

MLB.com writes:

"That was the riskiest [trade] and in some ways the least rational one," Epstein told MLB.com's Mark Feinsand…"

And that's the thing. Theo Epstein had a shot to win the World Series, but Cashman wanted their best prospect. Epstein blinked. Yes, the Cubs won, but right now it looks much different for the Cubs.  While they may be in first, they're only 2 games ahead.  Addison Russell has started to fizzle, a perfect opportunity for Torres to come up. With Torres in their lineup it could be much different.

Meanwhile the Yankees are dominating, much of it because of the explosive Torres.

Hey, I'm not saying the Cubs are morons. I respect that organization. The Yankees have had bad ends of trades too you know... Ken Phelps for Jay Buhner still hurts.  But it is amazing how this kid is single handedly reminding the Cubs every single day... "You should have taken a chance on me."

I'm happy for Torres. I'm thrilled the Yankees have this kid. I just hope he keeps dominating. It's fun to watch.

Thank you Brian Cashman.

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