Monday, August 12, 2019


It's amazing what a difference a year makes sometimes. Almost a year ago today I called Aaron Boone a robot, HERE. I thought the Yankees made a mistake by hiring Boone. I thought the Yankees success had more to do with the roster then Boone's managerial skills. I really didn't give him any credit. Today, after everything we have seen I think the man is the AL Manager of the Year.

When I look at last season and this season it is hard to deny that Boone has managed to do the unimaginable. I really didn't give Boone a lot of credit last season. I was critical. Last season the Yankees and the Red Sox has new managers and a talent packed roster, but Alex Cora and the Red Sox got the ring and we didn't. Here we are in 2019 and we have two talent packed teams again, but Boone has shined. The Red Sox had a bad start, no where near the injury issues and are 16 games out of first place and the Rays are the team they are chasing, not us. But Boone....even with 27 players on the disabled list this season he is still finding a way to win.

That says a lot. It's not an easy feat. Boone has had to juggle more guys around and make tough decisions and he has done all of that while still winning. There have been no excuses or complaints, he's just done his job. I've come to respect that about Boone. I've disagreed with his methods in the past, but clearly he has proved me and others wrong.

Give credit where credit is due. Boone has won games even in some of the worst case scenarios. The Yankees have won games without ace pitcher Luis Severino who has yet to pitch a single inning all season while James Paxton and J.A. Happ have struggled. Pitching has been a weakness for this team all season, but it hasn't stopped us from winning either.

At the same time the Yankees have struggled with pitching, they have also struggled by missing some of their big bats like Aaron Judge earlier this season and Giancarlo Stanton now. Despite missing big bats, the Yankees are still winning! Other guys like DJ LeMahieu have been stepping up all season and getting the job done.

So Boone as been so SAVAGE all season, and he deserves the recognition. He finds ways to win, and even when odds are stacked against him he doesn't give up. The Yankees also don't give up. Aaron Boone and this team of players feed off of each other.

It's scary to think about how insanely good this team has been all season even when the odds were stacked against them. A good manager can conquer those obstacles, so for that....I tip my cap to you, Boone. You'd have my vote for Manager of the Year if it actually counted.

NOW...let's "Tighten that s--t up" and win a ring, too. Sorry, couldn't help myself.

--Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @nyprincessj


  1. Tighten That Sh## Up, Yankees, And WIN Both Games Today!!

  2. Boone still makes to many mistakes with pitching.He is either getting bad advice from Rothschild or Harkey or he just to chicken to do something against analytics when he should stay with his gut feeling.
    Plays with the lineup batting order to much Torres for some reason rakes when hitting 6th but still moves him up to 4th and 5th and sometimes 3rd and the results are not there.
    Gardner had been raking the 9 home and Tauchman now bats 9th and Hardy 6th.
    He has a lot to learn , players are a thing of habit just put then in a batting order and leave it.
    Boone needs to end the Ford expierment and bring up Frazier for the DH spot.Go against Cashman and make the move.

  3. Speaking of mistakes, you make (too) many yourself...

  4. He can't go against Cashman. His complete obeisance to him was why he was hired. But you're right he (Cashboone) makes toooo many mistakes with the bullpen, batting order, and AAA personnel.


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