Tuesday, August 6, 2019


Not a huge fan of Aaron Boone as the Yankees manager, but I do like that he backs his guys when he needs to and this time it's Clint Frazier.

Example: A lot of people were wondering why and if this dude will be called up to the Bronx any time soon with everyone on the IR.  Seems strange he's not.  We even suggested the time was now after the trade deadline.  Read FRAZIER WASN'T TRADED SO LET THE MAN SHINE!

Last night, Boone went after the doubters (and me) when it came to whether or not Frazier will ever be called up. Plus, it shut down Frazier for a minute at least too who's been vocal and frustrated. The New York Post.

"'No,' Boone said, when asked if the team had considered promoting Frazier. 'No.' ...

'I know some people have thought he’s fallen out of favor and we’re sending him down there and trying to send a message — none of that’s true,' Boone said Thursday on WFAN. 'Clint has worked his butt off. He’s obviously played an important role for our team. When that right spot or situation opens up where he can become a regular player for us, then he very much gets back into that conversation.'” 

This isn't a slight against Frazier. This is a manager with inside knowledge, explaining that the player is a good player... and when the time is right... he will get his shot.

And as they said in Goodfellas when they whacked Tommy... "That's that."

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