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Everyone has that family member you wish wasn't a family member. That mouthy uncle, the pretentious aunt or the brother-in-law you wish you could put on waivers. As Yankee fans we are also a family in a way...and I WISH WE COULD TRADE THE BRATS THAT BOOED STANTON TO THE METS 2 DAYS AGO!!! You know, when Stanton had a lousy game and you hated him.

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Because 2 days ago was April 3rd.  And yesterday was April 4th and Stanton homered. So Shut up.

The Yankees are off to a good start.  Oh, they're not 5-0? Oh, you wanted Machado and Harper instead of the current NL MVP?! Quit your whining you lousy brats! Better yet, the next time you decide to boo a guy like Giancarlo...HIT THE DEEGAN! Seriously, just beat it early.

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Stanton had a lousy day at the plate that day he struck out 5 times. And guess what, Didi had a HISTORIC day. But don't forget... Stanton won game 1 for us. HE FLAT OUT WON IT...and now you boo him? If you do, you're NOT Yankee are a Yankee brat. You are why the Yankee fan gets a league-wide bad rap. You want every free agent. You freak out over a 3-game slide. You hated Joe Girardi. You'll end up hating Aaron F'n Boone too. You think you know the right move that wasn't made no matter what...and you're most always WRONG! I'm tired of these type of "fans".

You know what I want to do? I want to apologize to Stanton on behalf of the Yankee die-hards that remember Jeter's epic slump. Those of us who remember when Moose was sent to the bullpen.

The guys and gals that saw big Dave Winfield's swing had a 6'7" hole in it.

Bad days, slumps and scuffles happen. BYB preaches this because BYB gets it and that's why I'm damn proud to speak my mind here.  Stanton had an 0-5, 5 strikeout bad day the other day.  Now yesterday he homers and you love him again.  I see how this works.

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But here's what matters about that bad day. Like a true MVP he called himself out and gave Didi his well-deserved pat on the back. The next one Giancarlo hit knocked the international space station out of orbit...and you same clowns probably rushed to Modell's and buy REPLICA jerseys with the name STANTON glued into the fabric...because you suck.

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And so, the next time you boo this guy for a bad day, I will be the guy in my living room LOUDLY booing you! Why? because it's actually less ridiculous to do than to boo Stanton. I say we "lose" your invites to the next family reunion in the Bronx. I'm done. Go Yanks!

Mr. Leary sums these folks up better than I can....tell'em, Dennis.

--Mike O'Hara
BYB Writer
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