Tuesday, September 30, 2014


A lot of buzz about Ichiro Suzuki and how he "doesn't want to go back to New York." Well, if you actually read what Ichiro said, and knowing that he doesn't have a true command of the English language, and how translation can sometimes be misconstrued... well, there's no story here. Yet, the media wants you to believe that the Yankee clubhouse is just as dysfunctional as when Jim Bouton re-lived it in Ball Four. Oh... those were the days!

Anyway... In a conversation with Ichiro, he was asked about coming back to the Yankees. Ichiro, through a translator, said this:

“That might be a question you shouldn’t ask right now... Obviously there’s a lot of things that go on that the fans and the media can’t see, that goes on inside (the club)."

OK. And?

Sure, read into it all you want, but I wouldn't.  Here's why;  First off, why piss off a potential club you actually enjoy playing for and who enjoyed you and your service while you were there. I mean, Ichiro is in his 40's. I'd play him into his 50's on my team, but I'm not in this scenario. The point is, he's still a good player. Ichiro could have meant ANYTHING by that statement above. Here are some examples:

"Don't ask me right now, it's a bad time.  Let's talk once the season's over. I'll give you my thoughts."

Or, how about this:

"It's not a good time, I'm trying to get ready for dinner and you're in my personal space."


"Don't ask me that! I have to use the bathroom. Can we rush this along?"

Silly right? My point is, in what context was "you shouldn't ask right now" in? What was happening at that moment? Furthermore, again, he's being translated.  "Things go on in the clubhouse that fans and media don't see."  It could just be a throwaway answer.  Trust me, there is no Da Vinci Code situation here.  No clues and nothing to solve. It isn't even cryptic for crying out loud.   Yet, here's the media's take on it. Check out a few headlines:

Ichiro makes mystery of Yankees future with 3000 in sights -New York Post 

Ichiro says he still wants to play, but alludes to some problems with the Yankees-Hardball Talk

Ichiro Plans To Continue His Pursuit Of 3,000 Hits — With Or Without Yankees-CBS Local

No offense, Ichiro isn't "hinting" shit. The media is. Look, here's my thinking. If Ichiro wants to play full time, he should, but I don't think the Yankees want to do that.  If he wants to be a fourth outfielder, and eventually get 3000 hits in the Bronx, the Yankees should offer him a 2 year deal. That's a good marketing tool for the Yankees as well. There is no question he'll rack up over 200 hits in 2 seasons in that spot.

But that's it... don't read into it. The BYB readers are smarter than that. There's no story man... it's made up.

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