Monday, September 29, 2014


Sure, the main reason for Joe Girardi's press conference today was to talk about this years Yankee shortcomings.  But Alex Rodriguez was a big part of it and something that I'd like to share with all of you.

At the presser today, Girardi said this about Alex:

"We've got to see where he's physically at, and if he can play the field, how many days he can play the field and how many days he needs to DH... I don't think really many of us know about him until we actually get him into games in spring training... He hasn't played in a year. That's not easy to do, to sit out a year... Do we expect him to be a player on our team? Absolutely. Do we expect him to play third base? Yes. But in fairness I think you have to see where he's at."

There is no question that a 40 year old with bad hips and who has sat out all season is a liability in the field.  Does it mean ARod can come back and impress the Yankees and prove to them that he can still do it? Sure, but the Yankees don't reallly care if he plays the field.

Sure, it will help them if he plays 3rd, but they know that the bottom line is they will need a third baseman. Chase Headley, who I very much enjoyed this year makes a helluva lot of sense.  Then on some days, use ARod at third, and DH him the majority of the time.  It goes back to what I said before... they don't care about ARod and him in the field.

They want his bat.  If he can hit and hit home runs, at least in 2015, Yankee brass will feel like they will be getting back on this bum investment.  That's my opinion of course... but I think I'm right.

Carry on... 

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