Saturday, August 16, 2014


I don't dislike Brian Cashman, but many do.  I feel as though he's done a pretty good job at getting the Yankees what we need and over the years, and we've utilized that talent to win a few championships.  But it's true... lately, the players we get just aren't doing the job.  You can suggest that the Steinbrenner's aren't giving him the tools to get the right players.

Money is always a factor of course... and I will tell you that this offseason, when Yankeeland was down in the dumps about not making the playoffs, it was refreshing to see he made a huge splash getting Brian McCann, Jacoby Ellsbury, Carlos Beltran and Masahiro Tanaka.  You remember how you felt then... you and I rejoiced.  I saw the Yankees doing things that the fans finally wanted.  And now we were on our way to win a championship in Jeter's last season.  The planet's aligned... and everything was perfect.

Then Masahiro Tanaka got hurt. So did CC Sabathia.  So did most of our rotation.  And when that happens you lose faith.   But fear not... we had filler, filler that flourished in Brandon McCarthy and David PhelpsShane Greene and Chris Capuano.  Our pitching never gave up on us and for a second... 1 SECOND, Brian Cashman looked like a genius... but not now.

With the lack run scoring and the inability to win games, our offense is under a microscope and you have to blame not only the players but the top.  Brian Cashman is on the chopping block, and what he does for this team needs to be evaluated closely.    In the past, if asked about Cashman's future, Steinbrenner would simply say that Cashman's doing the best job he can with the players that are available.  But that tone has changed. If you read Dan Barbarisi's tweet... you can read between the lines:
So let me explain what this means. It means simply, if the Yankees don't make the playoffs... Brian Cashman is out of a job.  If they make the playoffs, but lose, they'll evaluate, but, Brian Cashman is out of a job.  If they win the World Series... he 's safe.

I love my Yankees... but let's be realistic ladies and gentlemen... if the pattern is not broken... we ain't winning shit.

Honest talk on BYB on a Saturday morning...

It was nice knowing you Brian.

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