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I like Rob Segedin.  Sure, he's not a household name... yet, but he's a kid with a dream and I admire that.  I live in the Tri-state area and always root for the local guys.  For example, when I was in college there was a guy named Doug Cinnella who we all followed in my area growing up.  These days, it's Segedin.  Both guys have the will and determination to accomplish anything in the game and when one of yours makes it, it's something you root for.  It just so happens that these days Doug Cinnella runs a very popular baseball facility for kids in New Jersey and Rob Segedin is working his way up the major leagues for the New York Yankees. Both love the game, both will never leave the game because for these guys, baseball is their life.

I got to know Rob through another friend and Yankee, Ty Hensley and chatting with him, I realized that any friend of Ty's is a friend of mine.  We share the same values and the same love of the game.  The difference is I write about it and he plays it.  I became curious like I often do and reached out for an interview.  Rob accepted and I wanted to bring you guys up to speed about this young man... a man with a mission... to be on the pro side of the New York Yankees one day real soon.  You want to read about determination... read about Rob Segedin.  Enjoy this one... I sure did...

BYB: Growing up, did you ever think you would be in the farm system for the New York Yankees? Tell me your journey from being a little kid, playing for Old Tappan, Tulane and now...

Rob Segedin: For as long as I can remember, and as far back as home videos show, I have been drawn to baseball from the time I could swing a bat. I played it all growing up and never thought that I would play professionally until the start of my junior year of high school. I started playing with the Bayside Yankees, a travel team that plays anywhere from 65-80 games a summer all over the country. It was the first time I was exposed to elite competition, and I was able to hold my own. It wasn't until I started getting scholarship offers from big division 1 schools for me to fully grasp the idea of playing professionally. I chose Tulane because they were giving me an opportunity to start as a freshman. I continued to improve my skills in college and was fortunate enough to get drafted by the Yankees.

BYB: What's it like to be a member of Team USA?

Rob Segedin: My college coach was set to coach Team USA in 2009.  After my freshman year in 2008, he told me that he wanted to bring me the trials to compete for a spot. However, I got hurt during the summer of 2008 and didn't get invited to the trials because I missed the 2009 collegiate season.  I was healthy by the end of the season and one of the third baseman, Anthony Rendon, hurt his ankle right before trials. So my coach ask if I could take his spot. I went into the trials without seeing any live competition for almost a year, but showed enough to the coaching staff to make it as an alternate. I stayed with the team until they left the country and finished the summer in Cape Cod. To be able to represent your country is an incredible experience that I will never forget. You got a bullseye on your back so you want represent your country and yourself with class. 

BYB: Growing up, who did you idolize and why? 

Rob Segedin: I grew up a Yankees fan and started watching baseball when Derek Jeter was a rookie. He is what the Yankees are about in every aspect. The way he plays the game, the way he represents himself on and off the field. He just does everything right. It was fun to be able to watch him growing up and then be in the same locker room with him.

(In Photo:  Rob Segedin, Ty Hensley and Anderson Feliz)
BYB: You've spent some time with Ty Hensley in Tampa. You know we love that kid. Tell the audience about your friendship and climbing the ranks together. 

Rob Segedin: I met Ty right before I was scheduled to get surgery. Ty and I got surgery on the same day. He was first, I was second. So we have been through the entire rehab together, pushing each other, and helping each other out along the way. It was good to have someone go through the rehab with. He is a great kid, he works hard, and has a bright future. He will come back next year better than he was when he was drafted. 

BYB: Where do you want to be in 2 years? Describe the scene. Who will be there and what will be going through your mind. 

Rob Segedin: Playing in Yankee stadium trying to win a championship. Growing up so close to the stadium, I could see a bunch of family and friends at my first game. My wife will definitely be there as she has been so supportive of my career. I would think that I would be a little anxious to get my first at bat, first ground ball,etc.  But it is the same game as I been playing my whole life, so I will be ready if the Yankees call on me.

BYB: In baseball history, tell me who the 3 people you'd love to have a pint with and what is the 1 question you'd ask each of them. 

Rob Segedin: I have been fortunate enough to have conversations with Jeter, Mo, and Pettitte. Those Would be my initial three but I will expand. Yogi Berra would be one. I would love to talk baseball, have him share on his experiences back in the day as well as stories about his Yogi-isms.

Cal Ripken would be two. I would like to ask him how he was able to prepare himself to play everyday and compete at a high level. Barry Bonds is three. I know he gets a lot of negative publicity, but he still put up crazy numbers throughout his career. We would talk about hitting and approaches at the plate. 

BYB: Tell me how you are progressing with your hip injury from this season.

Rob Segedin: My hip injury was truly a blessing. Hip injuries get a bad reputation because it is uncommon in baseball.  The surgery that Ty and I got is going to get us to new levels in our game. Pre-injury, I could not rotate my hips efficiently and had to compensate with other parts of my body. I feel like a new man now. My hips are more explosive and should be able to elevate every level of my game as a result of the surgery. 

BYB: What New York Yankee have you not met yet, but can't wait to meet and why?

Rob Segedin: Yogi. He is a classic Yankee and I would love to just chat with him.

BYB: How's that BYB shirt treating you?

Rob Segedin: Awesome. It is in my locker at the complex. It is one of the shirts I wear in the gym to workout. 

BYB: Final question. Do you read Bleeding Yankee Blue?

Rob Segedin: I stay away from reading Yankee blogs because I don't like getting caught up in 3rd party opinions on the Yankees farm system. I do read the Bleeding Yankee Blue player profiles that you write.

Rob, you need to read this one... it's all you bro!

I thank you and BYB readers thank you as well.  Thanks for bringing us inside your world... and we look forward to seeing you in the major leagues soon!

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