Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Look, through my lifetime I have been trained to root for the American League team if, God forbid the Yankees didn’t make it to the World Series. It’s a tough pill to swallow considering the American League team that usually makes it to the World Series is the team that usually beats the Yankees to advance to the next round. But as I get older, I’ve come up with a strategic plan for choosing my team and this year, I need to pick the Cardinals. Let’s break down all the reasons why:

BANDWAGON RANGERS FANS: I don’t hate the Rangers, but I am sensing a rivalry about as vicious as the Red Sox/Yankees Rivalry and it all stems from last season for me personally. I never liked the arrogance of CJ Wilson, although, if he were a Yankee, I really think I'd love it. But what makes me not care for the Rangers most are bandwagon Rangers fans that give true Rangers fans a bad name. I was at one of the Yankees / Rangers games at Yankee stadium last year. It was Game 3, Andy Pettitte vs. Cliff Lee and when I tell you I have never seen such dicks, I’m not lying. Check out this video I shot last year during the game of the Rangers fans finally getting kicked out of our section:

It’s one thing to root, it’s another to name call in your brand new Rangers cap like you’ve been a fan since Nolan Ryan. Let’s face it; you bought that hat before you got on the subway. You can spot a newbie fan a mile away and I have to hand it to my fellow Yankees fans, we kept quiet and until the name calling and foul language became too much. This dude sitting next to me finally had a break down and I loved it. Check this video out:

Thank God security got rid of them, they were probably afraid for their lives. The Rangers won that night and I just remember that those few "brand new" Rangers fans really tainted the whole bunch of true Rangers fans.

CHUCK GREENBERG: Chuckie Poo is no longer with the Rangers, and for good reason, he sucked at his GM job, but since he made all those ridiculous comments about us Yankee fans, (Read HERE), the tool should just stay in his house with the lights off... he’s finished.

ALBERT PUJOLS: While I’ve tried to brainwash my sons to love the Yankees, they are individuals and they are allowed to “choose” their other favorite players and teams. Look, when I was a kid, I was fascinated with Rickey Henderson, Robin Yount and Chris Sabo. I get it. My son will probably watch an inning or 2 with me tonight, and we’ll be rooting on Pujols. So, in turn, you need to root for the Cardinals too.

Look, these are my reasons, these are my opinions, these aren’t law and I’m not expecting you to agree with me, clearly my reasons are personal. I’m sure yours will be too. I think many are underestimating this World Series. Many feel like it will be a snoozer, I don’t. Both teams are exciting and I’ll be fun. But let me be clear, there won’t be a play by play of this World Series on Bleeding Yankee Blue; I don’t care about it enough. I’ll catch a few innings and check out the box score, maybe I’ll keep a tally on our page, but that’s it. My New York Yankees aren’t in it and so, I need to gear up for more important stuff in Yankeeland…the offseason.

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