Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Douchbag says what? That’s my ridiculous comeback to a ridiculous statement from Rangers owner Chuck Greenberg, suggesting that all Yankee fans were terrible people. My comeback is childdish but also necessary. The New York Yankees are a "love or hate" team. You can't be in between, so for Chuck Greenberg to go on a radio show and say that all Yankee fans are nasty creatures, is not a surprise, but is he wrong? Of course.

Greenberg went on the "Ben and Skin Show" on ESPN Radio and said the following:

“I think our fans have been great. I think particularly in Game 3 of the World Series they just blew away anything I’ve seen in any venue during the postseason. I thought Yankee fans, frankly, were awful. They were either violent or apathetic, neither of which is good. So I thought Yankee fans were by far the worst of any I’ve seen in the postseason. I thought they were an embarrassment.”

Seriously? I know your Rangers just lost the World Series and you're pissed, but don't take it out on the hundred of thousands of Yankee fans who actually are civil to other team's fans. And what about the other ballparks that Yankee fans visit? I personally have been the Fenway Park, 6 times in my lifetime, for example. I usually wear a Yankee hat and got my lumps over a Yankee-Sox Rivalry weekend every time I sit in a seat there. Guess what? I expect to be screamed at, pick on and publically shamed, especially because I wasn't in the Bronx. What's my point? Fans are fans and they do it everywhere, even Arlington.

Rangers fans who come to Yankee Stadium need to expect to get razzed alittle. But not all Yankee fans are creeps. There are also thousands of respectful Yankee fans, myself included, who don't swear, don't spit and don't razz other fans. Many of us go the the Bronx to watch the Yankees with our families. Some of us Chuck, treat humans like humans. What you did in your statement, suggest we're all savages. What Chuck Greenberg said was a mistake and you probably made it worse for you're fans in the future. Now, it's true, Chuckie Poo has apologized for it, kind of, but guess what, I'm not so fast to accept your apology Chuck.

You've put yet another negative label on Yankee fans. Not fair bro. Here is his "kind of" apology:

“Earlier today, in the course of praising the extraordinary support and enthusiasm of Texas Rangers fans, I unfairly and inaccurately disparaged fans of the New York Yankees. Those remarks were inappropriate. Yankees fans are among the most passionate and supportive in all of baseball. I have spoken directly to Hal Steinbrenner and Randy Levine to apologize for my intemperate comments. I would like to express again how proud we are of our fans and how remarkably they have supported the Rangers throughout lean times and now during this magical season.”

Yankee fans ARE passionate. But I have news for you Chuck, ALL fans are passionate about whatever team they love. That's what makes a good fan base. Oh and by the way, I was at Game 3 of the ALCS this year, Yankees vs. Rangers in the Bronx. The Rangers fans in our section were so disrespectul, SO obnoxious, swearing and being so unruly that finally, when the Yankees started getting killed in that game, it was then, and ONLY THEN did the Yankees fans finally lose control and yell back. They were patient until they couldn't take the obsenities from Rangers fans any more. And guess what, there were kids in the stands. Read WHY WE'RE DOWN, NOT OUT from October 18th to see what I posted. I actually took video of the pathetic Rangers fans. It goes both ways Chuck. Shame on you.

Ok...I'm done ranting, I'm going to do what Mike Axisa said on the River Ave Blues blog today. He suggested we take the high road and move on. I'll take that advice. But Chuck, you're on notice.

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