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That's a quote from one of our trusty readers.

Not sure where we went wrong, but let me try and correct the record. You see, that comment happened...with much more, when we published Mike O'Hara's piece JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT IT WAS SAFE..., a piece highly critical of Mark Teixeira and his constant injuries.  You see, O'Hara is not a big fan of Mark Teixeira, mainly because he gets injured alot in his Yankee career.  At one point, O'Hara may have appreciated Tex more, but somewhere between the wrist and the ankle injury and who knows what else, he got annoyed and frustrated, and so, he flipped like a heal in the WWE. Is he allowed to? Yup.  We have the right to put our opinions out there on the daily. 

As Chief of BYB, should I allow it? YES. 100%.  Here's why, I believe in a balance, and I know that my other writers are not as overly critical of Tex as O'Hara, and so, I allow him to write his "Trash" as you call it, because, I have several other writers, especially huge Tex fan, Jeana Bellezza, waiting in the wings to deflect and write a followup defending big old Mark.   That's called journalism.  That's call free speech.  That's what we do here.

Someone asked me why we're not yet on the pages of recently.  You know, they have a blog section there and I guess if you're lucky enough to be there, or, don't talk out of turn, you can be chosen to publish with them.  My answer was simple. "We don't bend over."  Bleeding Yankee Blue are independent thinkers and when it comes to our opinions on the players, on the New York Yankees... we set the standard to be overly honest and critical if we need to be.  It's an opinion, it's not bad press.  Why do we do this? Because all the others are gonna kiss ass.  We won't.  Sure, we'll highlight great players, great seasons, and we'll give the Mets and Red Sox and Blue Jays jazz and trash talk when needed. But if someone botches a play, or if someone, like Mark Teixeira is injured for the 20th time of his Yankee career... yup, we're gonna highlight it.  Not to slam the man 24/7, but to balance the conversation.  I take pride in what I do here.  I have the best writers out there because those writers are free to express themselves, no chains, no regulations, as long as they are not threatening, and as long as they are not hateful.  Criticizing a player because he gets injured alot is not hate... it's critical... and that's OK.

After O'Hara wrote his piece about Mark Teixeira... the comment below appeared.  As a place to be free to express opinions, I thought it would be fitting to share it. It's from pethealer:
"I am so sick of the Teixeira bashing that keeps coming from you guys. WTF?! This article is complete trash. Tex has suffered the most severe form of a bone bruise called an intraosseous bruise which means he had bleeding from the central portion of the bone where the bone marrow is located. That' s one tiny step below a stress fracture. They take a minimum of 10 days and can go over 4 weeks to heal. I've even heard of some that took 6 months to heal. The guy has been trying like hell to run on it to the point where he actually made it worse. He went for a second opinion in Atlanta and the doctor told him to stop running until the pain was over because it was causing inflammation of the tissue around the bone. This injury is hardly a "boo boo' you idiot and you must be a real jerk to think that Tex actually wants to sit out these games during this important part of the season.
As for Greg Bird, he's OK, but I'd hardly call him a big bat. You guys have had your heads so far up his ass since he came up, it's ridiculous. Mark has shown himself to be an MVP for us this year and I think an article like this is in the poorest of taste. A big F.U. to BYB for publishing this trash."
Doogie Howser. We apologize.  We never wanted to sound hateful in that piece.  In fact, it's one of those things where when a player gets hurt a lot like Mark does... it almost becomes a joke.  We posted it and took it lightly not thinking about just how serious it was, and so, we are sorry about that. But I won't apologize for the critical part of it.  That's an opinion and Mike has handled that part terrific since he's been with BYB. 

But I was taken with the other comments in that note. "I am so sick of the Teixeira bashing that keeps coming from you guys."  Wait. What? From us?

Mike O'Hara is not a fan of Mark Teixeria.  I am not either, but both he and I and many of our writers have praised Mark throughout his Yankee career, and this season especially for doing great things as a Yankee.  Your attack is false pethealer, and there are dozens of examples that will make my argument:

 "So if I would've told you that Mark Teixeira was going to find his 2009 groove again you may have called me crazy. If I would've told you that two months into the season that he is a key contributor to the team success I would expect you to laugh at me and tell me to put the alcohol away. Well, I didn't say it because even I wasn't expecting this. I guess Mark Teixeira gets the last laugh here because he has fooled us all and I am OK with that." MARK TEIXEIRA IS TEARING IT UP (May 31, 2015)

"I also object to charging Teixeira with impersonating as a switch hitter. Again, he isn't the only switch hitter on this team. Have you ever tried to hit a tiny ball coming at you fast from both sides of the plate? It's two different swings, folks." DISMISSING TEIXEIRA? I OBJECT! (Sept 5, 2014)

"His defense has been so key to the New York Yankees over the past 2 years. Something we didn’t have once Tino Martinez left and Jason Giambi arrived." WHY WE LOVE TEX (Jan 4, 2011)

"Mark Teixeira was back in the lineup on Monday and he didn’t waste any time reminding us what he is capable of. It’s good to have a key piece of our heart of the order back and he really is back just in time. We have been anxiously awaiting his return here at BYB because we know how important he is, read MARK TEIXEIRA'S JUST IN TIME." MARK TEIXEIRA ADDS THAT EXTRA SPARK (Oct 6, 2012)

"Gluten free agrees with Mark Teixeira and whatever fitness and dietary regimen he is following PLEASE don't stop. Teixeira is a notoriously slow starter but this season has been different. I need to find out exactly what this guy is eating..." MARK TEIXEIRA GOT HIS GROOVE BACK (May 1, 2015)

"Much like Alex and Long, I too believe Tex will be dominant this year. I think a slow start is inevitable, but the numbers and play will be respectable again, he will bounce back freaks! That, I can guarantee." WHY TEIXEIRA IS A MONSTER (Feb, 25, 2011)

There are 6 examples from a few of our writers, me included... and there are dozens more. The point is, we are fair with opinion on BYB.  It's not trash, it's opinion.  If you don't like it, find the one you do, our archive is vast and dense and there is bound to be something you'll read.  But to call our work trash is wrong.  We offer everything here.

You were very hard on us... I'm not sure I get it.

In the end, thank you for commenting and please continue to read us.  We appreciate our readers very much.  When it comes to this comment though... you're just plain wrong... and that's my opinion, of course.

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