Friday, June 26, 2015


I’m all for one and no so much for the other.  Coleslaw?  It’s great! There is nothing better then a nice side of good coleslaw with corn on the cob, string fries and a lobster this time of year!  I dig it.  It completes the meal.  Look, if you’re not a seafood person, a little slaw on a pulled pork sammie, or with your burger at the weekend cookout…you can’t strike out on that deal.  Long story short, coleslaw makes things better in my culinary opinion.  It is a nice complement to the overall plate.

 Now let’s talk the other Cole…Hamels.  It is being widely speculated that he may soon join the New York Yankee starting rotation.  They say that his latest start in the Bronx was an audition of sorts for a deal in the making…for the LOVE OF COLESLAW I HOPE NOT!  There was a top scout from the Dodgers also checking in on Hamels during the matinee tilt recently.  Well, Magic, you can have this guy.  31 years old, not shy about finding himself injured and call the cardiologist…this guy is missing a heart.  Don’t buy it? 

Ask Uncle Charlie Manuel about young Mr. Hamels.  Yes, his answer may take the better half of an afternoon (Charlie tends to trip over his vowels and syllables), but there is no doubt that he’ll bring up the 2009 World Series and the temper tantrum #35 pulled when the chips were down on the Phightin’ Phils.

A friend of mine recently compared picking up Cole Hamels to when the Yankees went out and signed Mike THE MOOSE Mussina…NOT. EVEN. CLOSE.  Yep, the Moose wasn’t warm and fuzzy with the media, but the Moose was a killer.  He was there in the clutch and was FLAT OUT a better pitcher.  Hamels, you ain’t the Moose.

I don’t think this deal will happen.  I think although Ruben Amaro is going to do a clearance sale on the way out of the City of Brotherly Love, he’ll still ask for Judge, RR, Murph or others who are in the system and ready to go.  I wouldn’t give him a single Triple A player for Cole.  Hell, I wouldn’t even call Trenton!  I’d give the Phillies scout directions to the Staten Island Yankees’ field and tell him to pick 3 and I’d toss in De Paula.  Now, that sounds crazy I know.  And I am kidding…to an extent.  But this deal won’t help the Yankees. 

Cole Hamels isn’t our guy. I’d Aim for Mike Leake.  He seems to get it.  I could go into why CC needs to be moved and how Severino’s time has come…but I won’t.  As of now, all I am saying is HOLD THE COLE…not the slaw, the Hamels!

** Here you go Yankee fans!  Happy summer to ya! – Love Mikey O’**

--Mike O'Hara
Senior "Features" Writer
Twitter: @mikeyoh21


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