Sunday, May 17, 2015


I'm telling you right now... the New York Yankees would like to have Troy Tulowitzki in pinstripes. And with the recent revelations about Troy and the Rockies talking about a possible trade and a new piece of information that only we here at Bleeding Yankee Blue have.... I'm telling, there are conversations... many conversations about Troy Tulowitzki.

As you know, Troy and the Rockies are talking about a potential trade. It's not exactly a trade demand, but it is something that Troy would like to happen.  We wrote about it here on BYB in TULOWITZKI NEWS? OH BOY.

We wrote: "According to the New York Post, Tulo is probably going to demand the Rockies for a trade:

"Tulowitzki was described as frustrated with four straight losing seasons and wants out, according to two people who know him well. Cohen would not describe Tulowitzki’s mindset, but it was clear in a 15-minute conversation Cohen clearly sees the value of his client moving to a better place for his mind and body (not playing in high altitude any longer). 
The Rockies could hasten their rebuilding by dealing their star shortstop at a time when the Mets, Pirates, Mariners and Padres all have needs at the position. Tulowitzki wears No. 2 in honor of Derek Jeter, but I have been told the Yankees are emphasizing defense and limiting long-term risk and are unlikely to play for Tulowitzki."

Now Joel Sherman is brilliant to even float the idea of the Yankees being connected again, but at least couches it with the fact that it's "unlikely". That being said, there have been unlikely trade ideas that have become reality..."

According to our source from the winter when we wrote SOURCE: "TULOWITZKI TO THE YANKEES..." back in November, there have been other conversations.  One of them suggests a Yankee person, and trust me, I hate these type of sources because you can't exactly get to the core of it, said in so many words, that they "like Troy alot", but it would need to be the "perfect storm" to get him in New York.  What that storm is, is yet to be seen, but 1 could speculate, and I'm about to...

The Yankees have definitely cooled on Rob Refsnyder and so I believe that if the Yankees put together a package, he would included.   The Yankees have Stephen Drew, still a valuable defensive shortstop, and if the Yankees could convince a team like the Rockies to just take him, and we eat he salary, it's also a no brainer, considering he's free and the Rockies are probably looking to rebuild and just limp to the end of 2015.  They could also just dump him, but I think they have too much respect for Drew to do that. The option is to keep him and he's our back up in the infield, 3rd, SS and 2nd... who knows.

Plus, you need to realize, the Didi Gregorius trade has proved terrible for the Yankees.  Tulo would be the Yankees future... Didi could be the future after Tulo, or they just flip's just not working out.

Now there was once talk about Shane Greene and Luis Severino.  Well, Greene is gone and Severino is still on the farm.  Depending on where the Yankees are in the standings come trade deadline, I would suspect, the Yanks would  then be willing to trade away Severino as well.  Again, this is speculation based on a conversation I CANNOT 100% confirm. 

Then, of course you have a few other minor leaguers.  I will suggest that guys like Aaron Judge and Greg Bird are off limits, but what's do say the Yankees look to pay a chunk of that Tulo salary, or give away other guys? What's to say the Yanks won't negotiate money rather than prospects at that point of the trade deadline? The point is, this COULD happen... but it will all depend on the shell game Cashman plays. He needs to be ultra smart, as to not disrupt the Yankee fan base. 

Tulowitzki wants out of Colorado.  If the Yankees don't take him, he could land in Boston.  Do we want that? Remember, according to Dave Cameron of FanGraphs, "Another slow start is testing the patience of Boston fans everywhere, and with Xander Bogaerts still looking for his power stroke, Tulowitzki would represent an immediate upgrade at shortstop."

Boston is a perfect fit. Think about it. Whatever happens, understand that when I get a nugget here at BYB, and we don't get many, we share it. 

Let me state again, that this "conversation" is something I believe happened, and it came from the same source that we used in the Tulo / Rockies chatter.  I trust my source, and I wanted to share the story.  Do with it what your will... it IS however, very interesting.

Enjoy your Sunday.

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