Friday, November 14, 2014


 might actually happen...

I know, you want more. Well, I don't have much, other than me getting information from someone I trust 100%.

"Troy Tulowitzki  to the Yankees might actually happen." was the text.

I immediatlely texted back. "What????"

"WOW", came next...

Then, he continued:

"It's one expensive gamble. Top prospects and alot of salary."

And that's all I can tell you... and you know what? BYB is the only one that has this, so, we're either 100% wrong, or we're 100% right and Joe Sheehan of (HERE) will re-craft his newsletter and write what we just wrote with his own "sources" and make it up like it's his own.

I'm telling you this... I don't know if this is true. I'm being honest. I DO know that I trust my source.   I also can't tell you what prospects or salary have been discussed.  That's because I don't know.

Just understand, that I'm not the type of guy to "Heyman" my audience. I only put this stuff out if I feel really good about it.

I feel good about this nugget... let's see what happens.

Stay Tuned.

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