Thursday, October 9, 2014


Pardon me if I don't believe Mark Teixeira yet.  Words these days don't mean much. Prove it to me, Mark... prove it to me.

Yes, I've been down on Mark recently. It seems he gets his heel stuck in the hem of his skirt alittle too often only to be put on the shelf for 15 days at a clip.  It bothers me.  Yes, I'm not insensitive, I know his wrist injury has given him problems, but it seems like it's always something.  Then, seeing him pop up on Foul Territory during it all annoys me more. The guys a ballplayer, not talk show host.

Mark Teixeira said this: "I’ve told you guys a number of times, I definitely need to get stronger — my whole upper body, but definitely the wrist.”  The plan is to do full upper body strength all winter in hopes to return at full strength. Good plan.

Now, will it help? Well, every player is different, but let me throw out 2 names to you; Jose Bautista and David Ortiz.  These 2 had wrist injuries.  Coming back, their first season wasn't too good, much like Mark.  In their second season, well, there was better success.  Bautista improved from 2012 (27) to 2014 (35) in the home run category. Ortiz had a home run total of 32 in 2010 after his wrist injury in 2008. Strength, maybe time, made the difference.

Here's the question though... can Mark Teixeira fall into place with those guys? Well, all I have to say right now is... he's saying alot of words... I want action.  Hopefully Tex falls in place with what I've presented.  If not, I'm afraid Yankeeland will lose their minds on this guy.

We're pulling for you Mark, but ya gotta perform.

 The Closer Luncheon with Mariano Rivera and special guest Dellin Betances

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