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I give huge props to believers, because getting there and staying there is no easy task... in baseball, in life.  When I say “there”, I mean whatever goal you came to conquer.  Ty Hensley wanted to become a major league baseball player… he still does and since his draft with the Yankees, (Read our first interview with him, EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: TY HENSLEY: YANKEES 1ST ROUND PICK), he’s had to overcome a few obstacles.

Now, many of you remember our BYB Exclusive with Ty after his surgery, and learned a ton about his injury and recovery in BYB EXCLUSIVE: TY HENSLEY TALKS POST SURGERY.  Back then, Ty told us:
 "I don't focus on the things I can't control. I spend my time focusing on what I can control... my attitude, my work ethic, and my skill level and I strive everyday to separate myself in that way because ultimately it is those things that will get me where I want to go."
It's a positive spin on injury and obstacles and the message was clear; stay focused on the prize, and everything will fall into place. After making his way all the way back, he had another set back, a hernia. Of all the luck! It didn't stop Hensley though. Nose to the grindstone and keep on pushing.

Recently it was reported that since his return back to baseball, he was sent to the Staten Island Yankees. Another step... check!  The kid's an animal, he has our full support here at Bleeding Yankee Blue, and it all goes back to what I started with.  I give huge props to believers and Ty Hensley is one.

(In Photo: Marci, Ty's mom, with Ty)
I have been asked by many of you how Ty Hensley is doing.  We here at Bleeding Yankee Blue are happy to report that Ty's doing great. We also have alittle access to the Hensley family, the other blogs don't. We're lucky and happy about that. In fact, one of the nicest compliments I could ever receive was from Ty himself, when, during an interview, he said:
“You guys have been so great asking me questions that no one else maybe cares about.” 
The question was about family and the support he’s received.  It was a simple question, but no one else ever bothered to ask.  We do at BYB, because we believe in family. We report more than just baseball, we report about life and that's why you're reading this today, because you get it.  Hensley’s human, he’s not a robot, and he has hills and valleys just like the rest of us. That’s why it's nice to know once in a while who’s joining these athletes emotionally in the journey.  It keeps believers going.  It’s kept Ty going and I give this kid all the credit in the world.  So, instead of giving you a report that the other blogs will just "report", BYB is going the extra mile. Here's the real update on Ty Hensley… and a few other things BYB readers want to know about.

It’s Ty O’Clock. Here’s Ty:

BYB: You're in Staten Island.  Boom! Tell the BYB audience how you made it there!

Ty Hensley: The Yankees training staff did a great job with helping me get through my rehab and getting back on the field. Not much else to that, just happy to be playing again!
BYB: After your first outing, I mentioned on Twitter that the biggest thing right now is "How did he feel?" Our BYB family knows your journey, so obviously it's a question we need to ask. How did you feel physically...  mentally?

Ty Hensley: I felt really good. I'm getting close to being back to where I was before all of the surgeries I had. Mentally, I'm stronger than I have ever been. I've had to go through a lot of adversity off the field, but it made me a tougher man in the end.

BYB: Many in the BYB audience aren't aware that before you got on the mound again, you had a setback, a hernia. When did all this occur and how did it happen? 

Ty Hensley: It's pretty much been there since late 2012. I started feeling it again before hip surgeries, and then again after this past spring training. My ab had come off the bone, but apparently a normal MRI wouldn't show that. So I kept repeatedly straining that muscle since it was not attached properly. Now the problem is solved.

BYB: Wow.  That's fascinating.  OK, you know we root for the believer here at BYB. You have more drive than many because you've been knocked down a few times, but you keep coming back stronger.  Share with us your emotions; the peaks, the valleys of getting there, and how often are you dreaming on standing on the mound at Yankee Stadium?

Ty Hensley: Obviously there was a lot of frustration as to why it all happened. Never had anything worse than a sprained ankle growing up, so it was confusing to me. Being away from playing ball and seeing all my buddies doing it was tough. There were definitely some dark days but my family helped me get through it all. Now I'm just focused on climbing the ladder to the big leagues.

BYB: Before the hernia, how was your rotation after the abdominal strain injury and surgery? Did it feel totally different than the way you'd been throwing before the strain? Can you be specific about the mechanics of it?

Ty Hensley: It felt kind of odd at first just getting used to it. It was more of a freedom type of feeling. Took a lot of stress off of other areas of my body. Mechanically, I don't think to much has changed. Just more freedom!

BYB: Momma Bear, as I affectionately called your mother in one of our posts was psyched a few weeks ago with your progress.  Remind the BYB audience about your support system at home. How's your lovely family?

Ty Hensley: They are doing great.. I miss them a ton and I can't wait to see them after instructional league!

(In Photo: Jake, Marci, Ty)  
BYB: How's your brother Jake doing? What's he up to?

Ty Hensley: Gearing up for his senior year of football. I'm so excited for him and to be able to watch. He's gonna get some big time offers here pretty soon I imagine!

BYB: On the mound in Staten Island in your first start a few weeks back... Put us in the mindset... What are you thinking?

Ty Hensley: I was just thinking about executing each and every pitch and just being happy and feeling at home doing what I love to do again!

BYB: You're an inspiration. So what do you tell others who find the life mountain too hard to climb? What helps get a person over the mountain in your mind?

Ty Hensley: "Don't give up. Don't ever give up." -Jimmy V.  You just gotta keep on keepin' on when life gets tough. There's a light at the end of the tunnel and you'll be a stronger person by getting through it.

BYB: Does your drive stem from a positive home life? If so, why?

Ty Hensley: Yeah I like to think my parents did a great job of raising me. I got lucky.

BYB: When you come to New York City, be sure to text me. I'll take you to Fratellis. We'll get a pizza, I'm buying.

Ty Hensley: Sounds like a plan!

BYB: Finally, anything you'd like too say to the BYB audience who have been asking about you and supporting you since day 1?

Ty Hensley: Thank y'all I will continue to try and make everyone proud!

Thank you Ty for working hard to accomplish your goals.  You're an inspiration, and we appreciate it here at Bleeding Yankee Blue. The best to you and your family.  We love you guys!  

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