Friday, July 18, 2014


Parents are proud of their children.  Marci Hensley is damn proud of hers!

You know Marci and Mike Hensley are the parents of 2 great kids, Ty and Jake. Both have achieved great things in life.  Both will achieve more because of their inspirational and positive parents.

We all know Ty Hensley was struggling with an injury last year and it set him back.  In our BYB Exclusive interview with him, he explained the whole recovery after his abdominal strain and surgery. Read NEW TY HENSLEY INTERVIEW: CLIMBING THE MOUNTAIN.

In it, Ty said: "my body is adjusting to the new rotation my hips have and I am working on building up muscle strength while doing a lot of PT to stretch out that area and increase flexibility. My doctors and I couldn't be happier with the progress I have made since my surgery, but I wouldn't be telling the truth if I didn't say there have been some pretty tough days along the way.  I am not throwing yet, outside of simulation, but I am not far off.  I am able to start a running program soon and I can't wait!"

Remember, that was August 2013. Hensley kept fighting and building his strength and through communications with him, he told me just how great he was feeling and appreciated the support.  Then he had another setback... a hernia, and the recovery started all over again.

Now you know life and the curves it throws you. Many times, you want to give up. Many do. Others, like you, me, definitely Ty... don't, and that's encouraging, because if you have a goal, you need to keep fighting.

And that brings be back to Momma Bear... Marci Hensley, a terrific woman with a ton of encouragement, faith and confidence in her children.  She just tweeted this, about our pal Ty:
Believe and you can! Fight! Grind it! Never give up! Yup... that's Ty Hensley. Atta boy kid! Thanks for the note, Marci, you are the best!

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