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Luckily for BYB, we have access to Ty Hensley and his wonderful family.  I personally have built a relationship with them because it's clear, in family life, we have the same values and it's trickled to the way we raise our children.  My son's a fan of Ty's these days and every once in a while he'll ask me how Ty is recovering, if he's pitching and I will eagerly send a note out to the fam and "check in." It's a nice give and take and luckily for our BYB readers, we have an update on Ty's rehab since his surgery. I want to thank the Hensley family for being so generous with their time and thank you Ty for being a good sport.

I suggest you read  BYB EXCLUSIVE: TY HENSLEY TALKS POST SURGERY first to remind you of Ty's injury, then read our new interview below:

Check this out ladies and gentlemen and I hope you like it, I did:

BYB: Ty, how are you feeling and how is the recovery? Are you on the mound? Flat ground? Are you able to throw at all yet? Walk us through it.

Ty Hensley: Right now I am feeling better than I have in a very long time, my body is adjusting to the new rotation my hips have and I am working on building up muscle strength while doing a lot of PT to stretch out that area and increase flexibility. My doctors and I couldn't be happier with the progress I have made since my surgery, but I wouldn't be telling the truth if I didn't say there have been some pretty tough days along the way.  I am not throwing yet, outside of simulation, but I am not far off.  I am able to start a running program soon and I can't wait!

BYB: Where are you during the recovery and how has the support been with the organization?

Ty Hensley: I have split time between Tampa and New York.  Not exactly the way I envisioned living in New York as a Yankee would be since most of the time I was on crutches or in a PT facility, but I have met some amazing people like the Fratelli brothers of Fratelli's Brick Oven Pizza they treated me and my family and friends like extended family and I will always go back.  

As far as the organization goes, they are as anxious to get me back on the mound as I am to get there.  I am part of a great organization, a family and family takes care of family.

BYB: I hate time lines, but can you give the BYB readers a feeling for when you'll be up and running at 100 percent?

Ty Hensley: Tough one..I would like to tell you next week, but 100% at this point isn't really up to me entirely.  What I feel I can do and what I am allowed to do are two different things.  

Because I was a high school guy, my success is more like a marathon not a sprint and I am sure they will ease me into things so body parts can all learn to work together.

BYB: You know BYB is about the Yankees, but we also focus on family. Tell me about your family and the support you've received from everyone. We're Team Hensley as you know.

Ty Hensley: You guys have been so great asking me questions that no one else maybe cares about.  My faith and my family are everything to me.  This year has been tough on them as well.  I know my mom has had her share of worrying about things and not being able to be close by has been tough for her, but we live in the world of text, Skype, and Face time so it makes things easier. Yep I am not ashamed to say I Face time my parents ha ha.  I have had friends come visit me in New York to break up the time a little bit.  It meant a lot to me that they would change their plans to come cheer me up. I am truly blessed with good friends and family and I appreciate them more than they will ever know.

BYB: Random question, but important, especially during recovery to keep you focused and sane... What do you do to pass the down time besides eating Chipotle, ha ha?  In other words, what's on your iPod? What are you reading these days?

Ty Hensley: As I said earlier some days sanity hasn't been as easy to come by as others.  I found myself staying off the Internet and social media because it wasn't good for my state of mind and 2/3 of anything that had to do with me were negative or incorrect, so I did find myself reading.  I have been reading the Bible actually. I received a new one from the Roberts family that I am living with in Tampa when I was leaving for my surgery.  When I am not reading I am watching a baseball film or games studying and preparing for my return. There is the occasional zombie battle as well.  You are right about Chipotle though, it is a daily thing!

BYB: What's the biggest challenge with this recovery?

Ty Hensley: Working with the end in mind.  What I mean is I want to be ready now.  I want to feel like myself everyday.. now.  It's hard turning on the television and watching people I have played with and against in the Future's Game and I haven't even been able to get out of the gates.  That is when you have to dig deep inside yourself and trust His plan and to be perfectly honest some days that is whole lot easier to do then others

BYB: We are sending you a new BYB shirt because you and your family were so generous with your time with us... Any chance you'd wear it for a picture for us?

Ty Hensley: Of course!   Thank you very much for sending it!

BYB: Finally, you are leading the charge with BeEdmond and making people aware of Teen suicide prevention. How is it going?

Ty Hensley: It is going very well.  I feel a little out of the loop because of everything that has been going on with me, but the initial fund-raising of $40,000 is complete and the app is built.  In addition to the personal donations, we had some big community partners step up and get it done.  Please let me take a moment to thank those of you that are reading this that donated.  It is a small step towards making a big difference in connecting teens to their communities.  When I get home I will be leading the roll out to the high school students.  I am really looking forward to that.

We love this guy here at Bleeding Yankee Blue and hopefully you do too.   Ty, keep shooting for the stars. No doubt it ain't easy, but you have a ton of Yankee fans, and BYB readers rooting for you every day... go get'um kid!

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