Monday, July 21, 2014



We asked Laura to wear BYB in 2014 and she delivered!

While standing on a beach with my wife and kids on Sunday, Laura and the Posadas were doing their own thing in Miami after a trip to Greece. On Kayaks. But let me give you the back story first... 

The Posada Family knows how to totally crush the summer!

They travel, enjoy the family, take a bunch of pictures and Laura and Jorge do their best to document everything going on so that Yankee fans can follow.  It's alot of fun!

Yesterday, to my surprise, and happiness, Laura answered the call to a post put out by Jeana Bellezza called

In it, Jeana wrote: "I am addicted to Facebook, and after reading might be too. Have you seen Laura Posada's Facebook page? If not, you need to check it out!  Before I found her page I already thought she was superwoman because it seems like there is NOTHING this woman can't do... hopefully after she reads this she will once again support us by wearing our BYB tank top for us! 

And that's sincere and yes, we were fishing as well. But truth be told, we here at BYB have grown to love strong women like Laura and Amber Sabathia for their dedication to their family and to others.  They are an inspiration!

We remember when BYB was just a "thing" in the beginning and we received a great picture of Laura wearing our original T-Shirt and we realized then that we were being read and had a following.  It was nice to see and since then, we continue to support Laura in her ventures and it's returned.  By the way, to sure to check out Laura's website LAURAPOSADA.COM and read all about #CLAPFORCHANGE. She's doing great things!

Well. now she's done it again!  From Miami, Laura tweeted this:
Laura, thanks for being so supportive and you have family here at BYB! We appreciate all you do... keep climbing the mountain! Keep making us proud!

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