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I like to listen to Dave Goode talk.  You remember Dave Goode.  He's the guy who worked as a vendor in the House that Ruth Built.  We interviewed him twice because he witnessed so much in that incredible building during his 30 years working at the stadium.  Read THE VENDOR FROM THE HOUSE THAT RUTH BUILT and  PART 2: THE VENDOR FROM THE HOUSE THAT RUTH BUILT for context on that.  Well, every once in a while when Dave gets aggravated or happy with the Yanks, I'm gonna give him an outlet to rant... right here at BYB.  Sure Dave is just like you and me,a fan, but this site is about Yankees AND family... and Dave is just like that to you and I, just like the Moses family is personally to me. Anyway... here's Dave and his take on the state of the Yankees right now... 

- Casey 

Dave Goode: "Right now I feel like I am in a junky Dollar store.  Who are these nobodies they claim, waive, claim and keep. I agreed with you when I read about Giancarlo Stanton (GIANCARLO MANIA & THE YANKEE YOUTH CONTRADICITION), if they have to mortgage the farm for Stanton.. DO IT! A bird in hand is worth 2 in the bush.

While I saw many POTENTIAL GOOD players at the AZ fall league, they have NOT done it in the big leagues. I really liked Slade Heathcott, but he has had some Josh Hamilton issues. Look at Dellin Betances... he needs to get his head into it alittle more.   Mark Montgomery MAY take over the closer role. 

(In Photo: Mark Montgomery)
That is great stuff. David Adams gets on base and can be quick, OK. Eduardo Nunez? I think someone may need a water boy.  Nunie can't field and how he made it this far is beyond me.  And all this talk about Lance Berkman that past few days, before he signed with the Rangers, PLEASE, gag me now! 
I am worried about Andy Pettitte, Mariano Rivera's leg, CC Sabathia's shoulder, and Ivan Nova and Phil Hughes. Jeet and ARod are getting older. Other than that, we have a great team. I do think Kevin Youkilis will surprise many. I wonder if Robinson Cano will play his last year in pinstripes. But most of all, I am shocked by how Cashman's hands have been not tied, but bound by Yankee brass. Yeah, we have made bad moves, but also made many good ones. 

We even let some get away. Russell Martin for instance. If you are going to the scrap pile, STOP talking about getting young and quick. That's my opinion on this.  I won't rehash your awesome blogs on BYB of who we let get away, it's just sad we have done NOTHING SO FAR. Again, I want to be elated when Cashman signs Giancarlo Stanton, but I won't hold my breath and sadly, no longer believe in the Easter bunny.  But I do know it takes money to make money, and the Yankees spent money and made a lot of money and some fans may not spend money to see a sub par team.

If the Yanks are picking up these guys who have a few years playing time without much success, why not FIRST give our guys a shot?  They can't be any worse than a .220 hitter over 3 to 5 years, right?  From what I've read and from what I've been told, all the major league clubs send there most promising players to the Arizona Fall League. Then they let the Yankees give them a good, not fair shot playing in the bigs. If nothing else, it will get there feet wet and maybe a bigger motivation factor than anything else. Yikes...that's hard for me to imagine."

 --Dave Goode, Die-hard Yankee fan
Interviewed for his 30 plus years experience as a vendor at Yankee Stadium

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