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All I've heard about over the past 6 to 7 years is how great our Yankee farm hands are "going to be." I hear about how we as fans need to have high hopes for these kids in our farm, and you know what, we do...we definitely do. It takes a lot of hard work to get to the major leagues and being in the minors is just a step to the big time. I understand the work and the commitment.  But God forbid I even suggest the Yankees pursue a stud like Giancarlo Stanton, suddenly I read "experts" on Twitter say that the Yankees "don't have the farm system to make that type of deal. Really?  You're talking out of both sides of your mouth, you really are.

My take on this is simple, it's not our jobs to know who the Yankees should deal for Stanton, that's Brian Cashman's job and trust me, he's feverishly working out a package right now as you read this, especially if he knows the Mariners are trying to get Stanton as well. You can read that report HERE.  To be honest, if Cashman's not working the phones, he should be fired.  It's players like Giancarlo Stanton that you push for in pinstripes.

Now I know all about the Mariners and their farm system and that it's supposedly better than the Yankees... whatever.  My point is this... Cashman will offer what he thinks is right and when it comes down to getting Giancarlo Stanton in return, a 23 year old stud with power, AND right handed, AND a right fielder, you make it happen, SOMEHOW.

(In Photo: Slade Heathcott)
People can tell me "Well, you can't get rid of Tyler Austin or Slade Heathcott, they are the future of the Yankees..." OK, you may be right, in fact, you are right... but getting Stanton in pinstripes is also the future of the Yankees.  Know it, learn it, do it.  You don't play to win in 2015, you play to win NOW... in 2013. Guess what? It's 2013.

Now Brian Cashman has stated he is not done this off season, that was music to my ears. When he said that, quoted here in this piece (HERE),  I immediately thought about the buzz surrounding Giancarlo Stanton and the timing of all of this and the words Cashman chose so wisely.    He said "I think patience is a virtue, and it's something we've learned can be used effectively... It's a harder road to walk, but sometimes it's not the worst road to walk. Sometimes you've got to wait for the right time and the right place to strike." Wow... sounds like something's coming down the pike... or at least it does to me.  Cashman's good like that, he makes these subtle hints as if to not show his hand, but still be honest enough that something is in the works.  This makes sense.

As far as I'm concerned, you work with the Marlins and you help them to help you. You give the Marlins whatever they like within reason, be it Slade Heathcott, Jose Campos, Dellin Betances, Mark Montgomery, Pat Venditte and on and on.  There is somehow a top 5 combination to score Stanton and then, you don't look back. 
(In Photo: Mark Montgomery)
And fine,  you can sit here, reading me right now and bitching to the computer screen saying "Don't give up" Heathcott or "Montgomery? You're nuts!" Well, you made my argument for me,  the farm system is good, good enough that you're not willing to part with them. I'm tell you, guys like Stanton don't come around too often. You give up what you can and hold onto the guys you believe in.

Sure, there's a report out that suggests the Marlins have back tracked a bit. And the chances of trading Stanton is "as close to zero as you can be", Read HERE. Sure, but not to sound naive, but there's always a chance...this is baseball, this is a business. Couple that with Stanton being fed up and trust me, if a deal can get done, a deal will get done.

The Yankees youth is talented ladies and gentleman. Talented enough to make it to the pros with the Yankees OR talented enough to be traded to Miami. That's where Cashman and his brilliant shell game comes in. He does it better than anyone and trust me, if he's not reaching out to the Marlins and being persistent even after the Marlins say "No", well, then I don't want him handling my players. That's my bottom line.

Come on Yanks... let's get this deal done... What the hell are we doing here?

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