Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Let me be the first to say that I hope Bill Hall makes the New York Yankees roster. OK, let me actually be the second…Hall himself is the first and is Twitter happy and writes constantly about his love for this Yankees team he’s on. By the way, Hall is a good reason to get on Twitter if you’re not already, he’s constantly interacting with fans…it’s a lot of fun. The other reason is Jose Canseco who’s emotions on Twitter are like a roller coaster on steroids… read WHY BASEBALL STILL NEEDS JOSE CANSECO and sense me being truly sarcastic in my title.

Bill Hall has a good bat and Bill Hall is a good fielder and I hope that he makes my New York Yankees roster this year. He’d be a good addition and so far, while he hasn’t done anything Jeremy Lin-like, he has been consistently decent. Hall could be a huge asset off the bench come Opening da especially if you take into account that Eduardo Nunez is temporarily on the shelf with a bruised right hand, that may give Yankee brass a reason to give Hall a hard look. You know my feelings about Nunez and his fielding any way and to be honest, I feel like defensively, Hall is an upgrade. He has the Major League experience and he can play second base as well as the outfield.

Am I actively rooting or Bill Hall over Eduardo Nunez? Not necessarily, but I am suggesting a nice bench guy in Hall. Nunez will develop into a nice ballplayer for the Yankees, I love his bat and I love his speed, but you know me, I like focus and Nunez lacks that at moments. Can that improve? Sure it can, but for the time being, if I had to choose between someone like Nunez or Hall to fill the final spot in the rotation, I’m going with Hall to start things off. This way, you can work with Nunez in Scranton Wilkes-Barre for a bit, heal the wrist slowly and bring him up when needed... all the while sharpening his skill and focus. Remember, Nunez is still young and Bill Hall is a veteran, gritty and seasoned. I like what I see from this guy.

In the end, the Yankees don’t listen to me anyway and they’ll do what they think is right and I trust that, but Hall’s a good choice and I just hope he makes the club, that's my take anyway.

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