Monday, January 30, 2012


Johnny Damon: According to Andy Martino of the New York Daily News, the Mets are looking at Johnny Damon. Read HERE. I don't see it. At this point the Mets are lucky to get Damon Wayans. That being said, I guess you never know. The Yankees / Damon rumors have seem to cooled as of late. I'd still love to see the guy back in pinstripes. We wrote about it here at BYB in a piece called WHY JOHNNY DAMON NEEDS TO COME HOME. We'd love him back and we'd love him to abuse that right field porch, or Damon's Deck, if he returned to the Bronx. Did you know he has 77 home runs with the Yankees in his 4 years in New York? He also played 4 years in Boston...his home runs there you ask? Only 56. Just sayin'.Hiroki Kuroda: An interesting nugget in Kuroda's 1 year deal with the Yankees. There is a full no trade cluase for him now that he's with the Yanks. That report comes from Ken Rosenthal from FOX Sports HERE. Look, good for Kuroda, I guess, but if the Yankees want to flip him now, if they thought they could get a pitching upgrade come the trade deadline, they couldn't. No biggie I guess, just thought it was interesting.Roy Oswalt: I bring up Oswalt, not because the Yankees are pursing him. I don't think they ever really considered him. I'm bringing up Oswalt because the Red Sox, Cardinals and now the Rangers have all been attached to rumors involving Oswalt. Read the Rangers connection HERE.
It will be interesting the way this one pans out, only because as of Friday, the Cardinals looked like they had a deal or were damn close. Stay tuned for this one.Kevin Whelan: Sorry I didn't write a full write up about this, but it's important just the same. Bryan Hoch reported that the Yankees designated Whelan for assignment when they officially wrapped up signing Hiroki Kuroda. This comes from Bryan Hoch, read HERE. In 2 games for the Yankees this season Whelan pitched in 2 games, 1.2 innings and had a 5.4o ERA.

Check back here for more updates on MLB players and of course, Yankees as we inch closer to Spring Training.

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