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I kicked off my morning with a run and a quick scan of the Yankee headlines. The one that drew me in among all of the others was this line from Bryan Hoch at, "These Yankees have earned a reputation as kings of the comeback, showcasing a knack for taking advantage of opportunities and overcoming deficits." Taking advantage of opportunities is something I have been praying that this Yankee team would finally figure out after more than 10 years of just falling short of being great. But now, the Yankees are the Kings of Comeback and it is exciting to see this team come together and gel the way they are.

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“We believe in our lineup, and we believe in our ability to score runs,” Donaldson said. “Our bullpen does a great job of keeping the game where it is, giving us the ability to do that; to not allow them to get those add-on insurance runs. Once it gets going, we have the ability to put up some crooked numbers. And we did that tonight,” reported Hoch.

The only deflation I felt with this team was those two games against Houston, where the Yankees went 16 innings without a hit. But on any given night, the Yankees can come back and win or dominate early in games, making them the best team in all of baseball.


"The Yankees’ winning percentage of .730 entering Tuesday was tied for the ninth-best start to an MLB season through 74 games, with only one of the eight teams that had a higher win rate — the 2001 Seattle Mariners — making such a run this century. Those Mariners wound up tying the record for wins in a 162-game season with 116, equaling a mark set by the 1906 Chicago Cubs. At the most basic level, if the Yankees maintain this win rate over 162 games, they would win 118 games, an astounding figure," reported The Washington Post.

The key to keeping up with this pace is wellness. Can the Yankees stay healthy? That is the only question mark I have for this team, which has been traditionally their downfall, their weakness. In 2020, the Yankees revamped their health and wellness program by firing and hiring a new staff who seems to have these Yankees in great shape plus designing individualized training regiments for every player. In addition, these players have remained fit in the off-season, which is paying big dividends this summer.

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"Trevino gave credit to a new offseason training routine, in which he worked with Lee Fiocchi, formerly the head strength and conditioning coach for the Angels, at a Texas gym called Dynamic Sports Training. That helped improve his movement, he said, leading to improvements both on defense and at the plate," reported the New York Post.

So claiming the title of Kings of Comeback comes with a lot of work, and commitment, and includes staying fit and healthy, both on and off the field. The key to keeping this title is staying the course, don't stop what you are doing to be at your best, and remaining focused on the main prize—winning the World Series. These Yankees are fun to watch. And reading these positive headlines every day makes me the happiest blogger in the world. 

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Senior Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof

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