Tuesday, June 28, 2022


You gotta love the Bronx.  Quick note here. I was loving the fact that Aaron Judge was able to walk off 2 times against the Astros. The Astros had given the Yankees a reality check, and that was clear, but it was solid leadership that won the day for the Yankees.


We have a guy in Aaron Judge that seems to do no wrong. As a Yankee fan, you always wonder when the other shoe is going to drop, but so far it has not. That's good, but can they keep up their winning ways all season? Can they pick it back up after the All-Star break? I think they can. I really do.

The other day a little girl was bottle flipping in the Bronx and the entire crowd was behind her. Sure, she struggled at first, but she kept at it.  And then, on the third flip, she stuck it and the crowd went bonkers.

This is what Yankee fans are all about.  Sure non-Yankee fans don't understand us, they think we're trashy, loud, annoying. But what they don't realize is we love our team and we love our fans. How many times are you sitting with stranger-Yankee fans and a home run is hit and you're high fiving that guy 2 minutes later. You don't even know him, you just know he loves the Yankees as much as you for those 3 hours.  And that's Yankee fandom. That's our Bleeding Yankee Blue family.  That's what makes this team the greatest.

I wanna tip my cap to the fans that made this girl so happy, it was awesome to see!  Go Yanks!

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