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This is Casey Close. He worked for Freddie Freeman. I say 'worked' because he got fired for not disclosing information that Freddie Freeman really wanted to hear. Freddie wanted to stay in Atlanta.  I guess Casey Close just wanted a big payday for his client, AKA, himself. It's shit like this that make me sick. Greed changes everything.

FOX 5 writes:

"Freddie Freeman's agent withheld specifics about contract negotiations with the Atlanta Braves' during his free agency, according to FOX Sports Radio host Doug Gottlieb... the final offer the Braves made to Freeman was "close" to the offer Los Angeles made, and his agency never told him about the Atlanta offer.

"He found out over the weekend just how close Atlanta had come in their final offer, called up Casey Close and said, ‘You didn’t tell me about this offer? You're fired,'" Gottlieb said during "The Doug Gottlieb Show" on FOX Sports Radio.

Gottlieb said, according to "really good sources in the business," Close thought there were better opportunities with the Dodgers.

"And that's why he never told him," Gottlieb said. "

Here's the problem. Agents work for their clients.  If their client wants something, its the agents job to make it happen. If things aren't going the way they should, that's when an agent steps in and tells the client and it's then that the client asks to make a move, be it another team, or give their thoughts on what to do next. And it is then, and ONLY then that the Agent does the next thing for his client. So, why the hell would Casey Close think it was OK to just make a decision so personal to Freddie Freeman? What balls do you have to have to do that? Scumbag.

Now look, Freeman will be fine. Los Angeles loves him. Freddie is playing great out there.  The situation however is Freeman's heart is in Atlanta, and during his free agency, it's clear that Freeman just thought the Altanta Braves stalled and didn't make an offer.  That's outrageous, it's sloppy, greedy and to be honest, when it comes to ethics and morals, Casey Close needs a freaking reality check. He has lost his way. How bad is that? 

So what should happen? If you're asking me, Close needs to be punished.


"The MLBPA has the right to revoke or suspend the certification of any Player Agent, under Section 4(O) of the MLBPA Regulations, if the Player Agent fails to comply with or engages in conduct in violation of any provision of the Standards of Conduct set forth in Section 5 of the MLBPA Regulations. It could also require that a Player Agent provides restitution to players for damages or losses he has wrongfully caused."

Something needs to be done. Close messed with the nicest guy in baseball.  He needs to have some consequences.... bottom line.

Freddie will apparently represent himself for the time being. He did the right thing. He kicked Casey Close to the curb with the rest of the trash. 

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