Monday, April 12, 2021


I used to admire this guy, but he's now just basically peddling BS just to draw a Twitter following or something and I gotta tell you, it's dangerous.  This isn't about the Yankees guys, this is just about me rambling about false bullshit so if you wanna tune out here. you may. Forgive me, I gotta get this off my chest. 

I hate when people push a narrative that's not true, but act like they are part of a movement. Yet, this loser just sits in his house doing nothing but getting us all riled up. Dare I say, in today's society where no one actually reads facts or values truth... you're just gathering sheep.  The irony is Aubrey Huff is the biggest sheep of them all.  His latest piece of theater was that he walked through a supermarket in California... allegedly... and spewed how he was not wearing a mask and got some dirty looks and thinks everyone needs to do it.  

Here's the problem, there wasn't a soul around him. If he was truly a rule breaker, you'd see a crowd... you'd see the faces, the disgust, the applause whatever.  You'd see something... you see nothing but this toolbox claiming he's some crusader.  He's not. Why? Because this guy is too worried about what people think about him on both sides... so if he can fool you, he will try.


Remember he's anti-mask, but wore one on his recent trip to Kentucky. So, for all y'all that think this guy is noble? You've been played, just saying.

I don't care if you want the vaccine or not. I don't care if you want to wear a mask or you don't. I don't care if you believe in COVID-19. I do, that's good enough for me. What I do care about is facts and information. 

Where is the tweet about Aubrey having to wear a mask on his flight? He left that conveniently out. That's because he wears a mask and that's disingenuous to his false brand. I know for a fact that he wears one where places require one, especially when he's with his boys. My point is, this guy's a fraud, all for your entertainment.  

So, do what he does, go for it. And if you get ill, or die, or get busted on social media for not following the rules, be sure to let this guy know he's being destructive. 

I leave you with this...When he preaches America needs to be taken back and applauds a capitol riot, just remember he wasn't there. He was in the comfort of his home. 

Facts are pretty important. This guy doesn't use them. Be weary.

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