Friday, May 22, 2020


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Can we please get started? My god.

If you live in the Tri-state area, it's been really tough. New York City has been shellacked and that's because so many people work in that big city as well as live there. But then it spreads out dramatically to Long Island, Staten Island, New Jersey and Connecticut. And that's why we are dismantled up here. That's why the virus spread and killed a lot of people and made a lot more sick. The Tri-State? We walk around like zombies. It's been awful. But we have turned a corner and the warmer weather gets us all itching to get going. With life... with baseball.

Well, there are finally signs that baseball is coming back. Yankee players are in Tampa and working out, quietly, silently, 6 feet apart and just a few, and it appears that in Miami with the Marlins and in Tampa, there's some activity too. The New York Daily News writes:

Not the actual training day being reported by the Daily News
" A roughed-up, battered and freshly bruised batting practice ball was nestled into the hedgeline, just outside the park. Inside the double fences, behind privacy screens, about half a dozen position players including Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton and Miguel Andujar, worked out on the backfields at the complex as they have done for most of the last 10 weeks, in hopes of a 2020 baseball season...

The Marlins allowed players to use their batting cages and mounds at the spring training facility in Jupiter on Tuesday. According to reports, just a few returned to the complex. The Rays will open their big league facility, Tropicana Field, to players on their 40-man roster on Monday, for very limited workouts, according to the Tampa Bay Times. Rays players will be limited to using the field for playing catch, running and other cardio exercises and some light weight work. They initially will not be allowed to throw off the mounds, hit in the batting cages or go into the weight room or clubhouse, the Times reported. "

So what's the hold up?

A few things. For one, the Government is weary to just open things right up because people will flood facilities and then what's the worry? The virus spreads again. In essence, they don't trust the American people and I understand that, but look, being in my home for 10 weeks is great, and I love my family, but there needs to be new routines than just long walks and trying to work out in the backyard.  We need something more, and it's time, at least that's what I think.

The other issue is the spat between MLB and the player's union. They have a huge problem and it comes down the money and personnel and keeping everyone safe. As the Daily news writes: "They also have to figure out how both sides can overcome a huge economic impact to the industry, with owners asking players to accept over 50% in salary cuts."

And I simply say this; baseball needs to happen. If they can QUICKLY figure out a safe way to get things going in Florida, they need to do it now. If players want to complain like Blake Snell, then DON'T SHOW UP.

Players that want to be there should be there.  These are 25 man rosters with minor league teams... there's depth. Are you going to tell me that a minor leaguer won't want an opportunity if a Major Leaguer wants to sit out because they don't want a pay cut? Come on.

Life threw us a curveball, but we're America. We've figured it out every single time in our history, and guess what, we can figure it out again.

Let's play again. Let's go!

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