Tuesday, November 19, 2019


Nice little nugget here.

While there has been plenty of talk that Didi Gregorius's days in the Bronx are pretty much done, many have moved on to a guy like Francisco Lindor and the idea of a trade with the Cleveland Indians.  While no one knows if this will actually happen, there is another guy that is coming to light.  NJ.com has this, originally reported by Richard Justice of MLB.com:

"...there’s another All-Star shortstop who could be available on the trade market: Los Angeles Dodgers’ Corey Seager. MLB.com’s Richard Justice lists nine stars who could be on the move this winter. One of them is Seager, and among the possibly landing spots listed are the Yankees.

The Dodgers under Andrew Friedman have resisted trading their best young players. Now, after another disappointing October, industry speculation is that he’d like a different look in 2020. 

Seager is 25, has a career .853 OPS and is two years from free agency. If the Dodgers make him available, teams would line up to make an offer."

Look, it's too early to get into all of this. It's rumor, but it's interesting to see this new name suddenly floated. We shall see.

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