Monday, November 18, 2019


They were brazen and they got caught... and now the entire world is falling down around the Houston Astros.  They deserve every ripping, pile-on, fine, punishment they deserve. They are absolutely disgusting.

You can't down play this clip:

You just can't.

While sign stealing has always been a thing, sign stealing using new technology... sign stealing being communicated among a Astros brazen front office IN WRITTEN EMAILS, and then executing is just wrong if not worse. They need to be held accountable.  This image is one of the Astros personnel literally trying to clean up as fast as he can after a game is over.  You can't sit here and look at this and say, "Hey, that guy was just playing Fortnite."

Nope, the Astros were strategic and they knew what they were doing... and it's bigger and bigger and bigger and when they kept winning at home and they got too big for their britches... and now, they got caught.  I love it.

But it's not just cheating at this point... it's lying too. This article from USA Today from 2018 has this headline:

MLB clears Astros of cheating, Houston GM Jeff Luhnow says team was 'playing defense'

In that article, this: "Major League Baseball cleared the Houston Astros of any illegal activity Wednesday, but ordered them to stop doing surveillance on teams they suspect of cheating by using electronic equipment to steal signs. 

Astros general manager Jeff Luhnow vehemently denied any wrongdoing in an impromptu news conference, saying the Astros have never used illegal surveillance to steal signs, only to detect whether their opponents were cheating. "

But it turns out the Astros WERE "doing surveillance on teams" and they were "using electronic equipment to steal signs."

So Jeff Lunhow should lose his job and be banned for life just like and anonymous GM told Andy Martino of SNY:

"'If Jeff Luhnow knew about this, he should be banned for life,' the general manager said. Another team executive said he wanted to see the league throw the book at the Astros. 'How naive I was,' the executive told Martino. 'I hope MLB buries the Astros.'”

In fact, the Astros need to be fired... all of the front office.  And no fines for the players folks... this is bigger than a fine.  STRIP THE CHAMPIONSHIP.

They did no earn it.

Remember that guy Pete Rose? Remember when the baseball world not only turned his back on Pete Rose for gambling, but for betting on baseball as a manager for the Reds? The Astros Scandal is just as bad if not worse.  The Astros are frauds.

Look at AJ Hinch? He's openly mocked anyone trying to accuse the Astros of doing wrongdoing. But he's in trouble just like everyone else. AJ HINCH IS THE FACE OF THE FRANCHISE. He is guilty. He too is a cheater.

He said "There's no evidence of anything." Oh... but there is.

Hinch gets defensive when others come out and say things about the Astros cheating. Listen to his say it.

He said not to be anonymous when they make accusations against their Astros team. In other words, make the accusation like a man. Use your name.  What he forgot was that players leave teams and Mike Fiers did.  And thank god for Mike Fiers… because without him, we wouldn't be talking about this.

I have news for you. AJ Hinch? He needs to be fired.  His coaching staff... they need to be fired.  They too are lying and trying to deceive. Disgusting.

And then of course there's this.  The moving of the Astros center field camera after the 2016 season.  Wow.  How obvious are they?

Back then Reid Ryan told MLB this... courtesy of Larry Brown Sports:

“'We think the new angle will give viewers a better look at the strike zone and advertisers more balanced signage placement,' Astros president of business operations Reid Ryan said of the move via the Houston Chronicle. 

'We wanted a new camera angle that improves the strike zone the fans see on TV as well as the benefit of the advertisers getting more value for their signs,' Ryan told 'Before, you always had a little bit of brick on the side. It didn’t look centered.'"

Now to be honest, for advertisers, the change of angle really doesn't make much of a difference.  For the fans, it certainly does, and I guess when he said "fans", he meant Astros front office fans.  So they could get a better view of the signs to benefit their team. FIRE THEM ALL.

They really have some dumb folks in that front office.  CLEAN HOUSE... FIRE THEM ALL. They are all cheaters.

Sean Doolittle says it best:

This tweet needs to be placed into the investigation. It's simple, but it's accurate.  MLB needs to take this into account.

And CBS Sports says it best in their report on the scandal:

"An email from the front office to the scouting staff discussing the use of cameras to steal signs is a damning piece of evidence, and the Rosenthal and Drellich report says the Astros also discussed stealing signs with their scouts over the phone and in an online chat room."

Ladies and Gentlemen... there is proof.

There is no "accusing" and fake news and no made up story here.  The Astros organization is a disgrace.  And to all the Astros fans out there that want to jump down our throats calling us cry babies and liars and stupid.  You should be mad at the Astros. You are their fans and they lied to you too.  They disappointed you.  They messed things up for your fandom.  No one likes cheaters... they cheated... you should demand your money back on a fake team.

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