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The Yankees have dominated the Twins in the first two games in the American League Division Series.  And despite these two incredible wins, which exercised our offensive muscle in the most positive way, there have been some takeaways that will hopefully allow the Yankees to close the door on Minnesota in Game Three on Monday night.

Takeaway 1:  Sit Giancarlo Stanton stat!  He seems like a deer in headlights at the plate and he just simply cannot play left field.  Having him in the lineup is putting the Yankees at a significant disadvantage, and maybe his deficits are not as obvious because they are being masked by the mighty hitters and defensive players in the lineup, but they are there.  In fact one fan actually asked me if Stanton needed glasses.

"After appearing in just 18 games during the regular season — including nine in September upon returning from a knee injury — the longtime right fielder looked shaky in the opposite corner, where he has played just 46 games in his 10-year career," reported the NY Post.  He also was not effective with his bat, making him a liability both offensively and defensively.

He certainly remained optimistic despite his lack of playing time, hoping he could positively contribute to the team. "This is the best time to all be back,” Stanton said. “We all know what we can do individually in parts of the season. So now we're all together, and we just got to bring that big force and make sure we take care of it,” reported

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Takeaway 2: Leave Brett Gardner in the 3-hole!  He has been a monster batting third in the lineup.  As someone who consistently gets on base, Gardner has dominated the lineup both on the field and in the batter's box.  "Gardner? Maybe in the master blueprints in Tampa he’d have been a late-inning defensive replacement, with Aaron Hicks getting the nod in center field. But all Gardner has done, in what many thought was a victory-lap tour for the Yankees this season, is become he emotional fuse of the whole show, the original savage. He hit 28 homers this year — seven more than his previous career high — and he hit another Friday, and of all that happened this first night of the playoffs, that might have pleased the 49,233 inside the Stadium most," reported the NY Post.

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Takeaway 3: Never underestimate Didi Gregorius"In Game 2, he stroked one fair, far and fruitful, becoming the first Yankees shortstop to deliver a postseason grand slam. With that, the Yankees went up by a 7-0 margin, and they cruised the rest of the way thanks to five stellar innings by starting pitcher Masahiro Tanaka and four stellar frames of relief. That one huge hit won’t negate what preceded it. Yet it will keep the Yankees moving forward this month and provide Gregorius with more opportunities to build his case for a return," reported the NY Post.   There has been so much banter about whether or not the Yankees will bring Gregorius back next year as he heads into free agency.  I believe he has filled tremendous shoes and done it with excellence.  He is battling back after Tommy John Surgery and the Yankees should give him some time to get back into the groove.  From the likes of last night, he certainly seems to be on the right track.

The Yankees cruise into Target Field Monday night with a 2-0 lead in the ALDS.  One win left to eliminate the Twins.  There could be many more takeaways from Game 3 to add to this list.  What are some of yours as the Bombers head face the Twins on the road?

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