Sunday, August 18, 2019


I'm over the bat antics, Veruca Salt. Please get back to business and do the job of leadership and productivity.  Brett? You're being a baby and now after doing your stupid bat banging multiple times, I can no longer take you seriously. Your reputation is now damaged.

Brett Gardner is a passionate guy. We all know this. The dude wants to win.  And so, why does he feel like he can package himself with Aaron Boone and yell and scream and bitch and moan and hit the god damn dugout roof with his bat every time things don't go his way? Why?

Aaron Boone is the manager. Boone's job is to protect his guys! Billy Martin used to do that. Lou Piniella did.  Earl Weaver was a genius with that. But the players? Sure, be mad... but move on. It's insane that guys like Gardy can't move on. It's pathetic too.

This is yesterday.

Why? Why the tantrum? No idea who this Dixon tweeter is but the answer is YES. STOP IT! Gardy should stop for sure... like NOW! What has happened to our society where we can have public tantrums and think that that's OK?

What happened to leadership?  What the hell happened to not arguing balls and strikes and how come it's suddenly a right for passage for the Yankees?  WE'RE WINNING for Christ's sake!

Now look, we know umpires aren't always great at their jobs, but I got news for you.  Arguing balls and strikes is kind of ridiculous.   But that's another post for another time.

This bat garbage? It shows weakness. Hell, I saw all that Fredo stuff with that Chris Cuomo guy this week, but let's keep it real. Fredo isn't the "N" word for Italians, that's false. Fredo is symbolic for weakness. Maybe Gardy should be called Fredo.

Anyway, here's a recap of yesterday. Our guy Bryan Hoch has it:

"The 'Savages' were on the loose once again during Saturday afternoon's 6-5 Yankees win over the Indians at Yankee Stadium, resulting in ejections to New York manager Aaron Boone, outfielder Brett Gardner and -- though he isn't even on the active roster -- pitcher CC Sabathia.

'It was kind of crazy, to be honest,' Gardner said. 'I got ejected for hitting the top of the dugout with my bat; making too much noise, I guess. I wasn’t too happy about it. I didn’t feel like what I did warranted an ejection.'"

No Dummy, you got ejected because your antics have built a reputation around you for being a troublemaker, tantrum-throwing tool.  You are what you make yourself, Gardy. If you want to be a leader, you say your piece and move on.  If you continue to act like a 3 year old in an adult body and try to undermine the umpire... THE AUTHORITY ON THE FIELD, you deserve what you get, Gardy.  You're better than that!

Now people will come to me and say things like this:

O'Neill? Love the guy.  His antics?

Freaking ridiculous!

Did we love it when it happened? Sure, but when it starts happening over and over and over again, you really have to start to question what the goal is. Is it to make a point but then move on? OR... is it to have the spotlight on "ME" and to hell with the bigger picture... Team? Something to think about.

Now Boone or any manager? As far as I'm concerned, they are in charge of their team. If they don't like a call, they are the mouthpiece... they take it to the next level if they choose to.

A player? You are paid to play the game. You will not always get your way. Calls don't always go your way, and so while you want to lose your cool, scream, go for it. But it should end there. The ridiculous antics... bat banging, helmet throwing, game after game after game after game... it's old and it's tired. And sooner or later, you lose your impact in what you want to accomplish.

Even more importantly? You're no longer taken seriously. You're now a clown. And your reputation? It's cracked… altered, possibly forever.

Look, people will have a different opinion of this and that's fine.  We are allowed to disagree. All I can say is I hate cry babies. I always have.

Be a leader, Gardy. You have a dugout full of moldable youngsters on that Yankee team. Act like you've been there before and mold them into future leaders too! Stop bitching, bitch! Start being a leader.

And to everyone out there... I'm putting my name on this one so you know it's coming from me.

--Robert Casey
BYB Chief & Head Writer
Twitter: @bleednyankeeblu


  1. The strike 3 to Maybin was so horrible.There used to be an umpire that would call a ball a strike and it was almost in the other batters box .
    Now I get getting upset especially when strike 3 was not called Puig and it was a strike and then the next pitch drives in runs I understand players frustration.
    That is where Boone must decide to get thrown out for arguing balls and strikes and move on .Not the players , Judge has been called out on pitches shin high and just finally starts to show expression maybe because he is in a slump.
    Hardy and Maybin get a lot of these calls because aftdr they get like 3 balls Gardner likes doesn't want to swing and your gonna get rung up now days.
    I didn't think O'Niel was cute with his antics or Gardner with his .
    CC unless your gomna lower your ERA and pitch past the 5th inning jusf shut up.Lead by pitching a great game.
    Maybin your living on borrowed time and to be truthful Frazier should be in your spot.
    There I said it.Yankke players quit acting like babies , swing at close pitches and do like DJ , Gio and Andujar ( last year) take what your given and go with the pitch good things happen.

  2. It's their dugout let him do what he feels he needs to display his frustration, he's not assaulting anyone ...unlike Chris Davis going after his coach. Nil a word about that...

    I dont know why we hold these guys to such higher standards there only human not super heroes.

    Good leaders get frustrated too.

    Gardner is ok in my book!!!

    Instead of the ump intently staring at the dugout he should be intently look at the k zone so he doesnt make awful calls like he did yesterday.


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