Tuesday, August 14, 2018


Keith Olbermann is probably the worst broadcaster on television.  Let's face it... he's the worst everything.  I mean, don't get me wrong... when ESPN was in it's infancy and there was no place to watch sports highlights and there was a show to highlight them... he was part of that and it was great. He was also hidden among very good anchors and on occasion, he'd share some wit.  But think about what's happened since then.  The Internet. Other sports networks... better highlight anchors... and Keith Olbermann can't hold a steady job even dabbling in politics... like his opinion actually matters.  It doesn't.  I even agree with him some of the time and he still sucks. He's the Uncle Rico of Sports...

Reminding us all with his stupid face that he could throw a football over those mountains over there... but that was in the 90's.

And he recalls it wrong... those mountains were hills.

These days? If you actually care about what Keith Olbermann says when it comes to sports... you really need to think through what you're doing.  He's useless at the mic... offers no real substance and the fact that ESPN decided that a New York audience wanted to hear him during a Yankees / Mets game is pretty unbelievable. I mean... I know... he has his only 2 friends in the booth with him in Kurkjian and Perez … so I guess that makes sense... but come on, even Tim knows the decision they made was wrong.  Perez is just happy to be in the booth.  Then Keith came along and he was like "Oh boy."

Furthermore... ESPN is over.  It's laying off people left and right.  Other sports venues have figured out their formula... and do it better.  And so this "favor" to bring Olbermann in wasn't about ratings for them... it was about shock, because, let's face it... no one watches ESPN and they were hoping some wit from Olbermann would get people all fuzzy inside like we were back in the 90's again and bring us back to their brand after the game for some highlights.  Sportscenter is dull, folks.  I can watch highlights on my phone without any distraction from people like stupid Keith Olbermann.

It's over ESPN. It's over Olbermann.  You are TERRIBLE.  Even top notch sports personalities that have passed you by know that. Even real baseball fans know it... and thank god they said something...

That last one is gold.  "bad person", "bad opinions"... "Maybe the worst employee on earth."  Boom.

ESPN, you're awful. Terrible choice for a New Yorker like me... I listened to John and Suzyn last night because they were 10 times better.  I also left the game when I saw him there and couldn't stomach it after a few innings. Never in my life did I think that a network would be stupid enough to do that.  It had to be a back room favor, right? Some idiot at ESPN had to say, "Hey, we need eyes on the game tonight... we need "shock", let's fuck with the audience and get them talking about this broadcast... let's get Keith." It's a dumb decision.  I guess that's why ESPN is tanking.

And to Keith Olbermann.  The 'expert in everything' bit? It's old.  You are no longer important...not sure you ever were. You no longer have a voice in the sports OR politics game.  You are lucky you have a friend over at ESPN. You better buy them dinner... because you might be the most terrible announcer, commentator this country has ever seen.

Stop living in the past loser. A good commentator reinvents himself.

I vote for Mike O'Hara, a guy with more heart and more wit than anyone out there.  He's done Punk'd, MLB Fan Cave, acted in movies and has no problem commentating.  You want a real baseball fan? That's your guy ESPN. Sign him up!

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