Saturday, February 17, 2018


We have too many outfielders.  We just do.  We have Brett Gardner, Aaron Judge, Aaron Hicks, Giancarlo Stanton and Jacoby Ellsbury.  Add in Clint Frazier who... we can assume would start the season in AAA when you look at the list we have and the money we are already shelling out to guys like Ells. Logically, Frazier doesn't fit.  But the Youth movement is strong these days.  Plus... we have a new manager.  Plus... I love the balls and emotion and passion we have from a guy like Frazier.  Hell... maybe his persistence and Spring Training game play will carve out a role for him. I hope so.

The New York Post has this...

“'I don’t want people to talk about my hair,' Frazier said. 'I want them to talk about my game. I want them to talk about how I play and who I am as a person.'

(July 6, 2017 - Source: Mike Stobe/Getty Images North America)
Nevertheless, Frazier’s confidence remains, as he showed in a conversation with his new manager. 'I made the comment to Aaron Boone today, I said I could play center field,' Frazier said. 'I said, ‘Don’t get too caught up in the advance metrics. Just use the eye test. You’ve got some throw-back in you, so just give me the chance.’ He shook his head, so I don’t know what he meant. I’ve played more center in my career than the corners. I know I can go out there and catch the ball. … I think nowadays, if you hit, you play.'”

David J. Phillip | AP
I mean for me... this may be the best quote of Spring Training so far.  And if I'm Boone, I'm alittle stunned, but I think really clearly about what Frazier is saying to me.  It won't be easy though.  Hicks wants it just as bad, and ultimately that's who Frazier will be in direct competition with.

Hicks said this just a week ago...

Photo: Getty Images
"'I want to be the starting center fielder for the Yankees, of course,' Hicks said Friday at the team’s minor league facility. “I feel that’s the position I can play every day and be successful and help this team win.'”

Photo: Getty Images
It's all in how they play the game.  I do know one thing though... I haven't heard a thing of what Ellsbury wants. That bothers me. 

I mean, we are paying him a ton of money... at least act like you deserve it. You know what I mean?

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