Wednesday, August 3, 2016


I am INSANELY tough on Yankees’ GM Brian Cashman. When he came through the ranks of the organization some called him the “Kid Genius”. I saw him as a kid all right…a rich kid who lived off his Uncle Stick’s moves and Uncle George’s money. Cashman wasn’t a genius as far as I could see. He was a good little solider and did what he was told. Go along to get along. A true “Company Man”…like Michael Kay. Sorry, I had to toss that one in. My opinion.

I was saddened to hear that the Yankees traded away my favorite current player Sunday. Andrew Miller was A TRUE YANKEE in my humble opinion. You may disagree, and that’s cool by me. Opinions vary. 

Miller is off to throw that nasty slider and “CUT ‘EM DOWN” for the Tribe in Cleveland. I honestly wish him the best. He makes the Indians a true contender. A shutdown back end arm is key (See any World Champ in recent history). But I am not unhappy with Brian Cashman at all! 

He fleeced the Cleveland Club and has now put one of the best Farm systems in Baseball together and ready to go. Yes, prospects don’t always work out, but would you rather watch Miller sit in the pen unused, while Tex, ARod and McCann fail to do ANYTHING at the plate to get our closer a lead to protect? The time is now to rebuild! A true rebuild. 

I’m talking floor to ceiling. And what’s exciting as all get out? We ACTUALLY have the pieces to do it. Brian Cashman and his team earned their money. Will it work? I hope, but they are doing the things Stick Michael did in the late 1980s and early 1990s. They are losing heavy contracts, investing in the farm, holding on to young talent, letting the kids develop together…and then they’ll have the money to purchase a big ticket FA to tie it altogether. It is fantastic to watch.

Now the ownership, in all their wisdom, are worried about attendance. Hal…ARE YOU AT THE STADIUM LATELY? WALK INTO ANY SALOONS IN THE BIG APPLE IN RECENTLY WEEKS? THEY HAVE THE METS GAME ON…or Bar Rescue. The Yankees don’t draw because the Yankees aren’t much fun to watch. 

Add a Bird, Judge, Sanchez, Mateo, Frazier, Tate, Sheffield to that stew and the fans will come back to dine again. Brian is 100% RIGHT! And you, Hal, you are 100% not a Baseball fan, owner or competitor. 

No offense, but you have none of your father’s fight. Now, would George have been OK with the sale going on? NO! He never surrendered! It took a timeout from the organization to get Jeter, Rivera, Posada and Lefty on track to win titles…but once convinced he saw the light. Hal will forever live in the dark with his business degree from Wharton…and no clue how to run the NEW YORK YANKEES.

I will miss Andrew Miller. I will miss Beltran too. Believe it or not I like Charlie Bone spur and KNOW he wanted to be a Yankee for a very long time. He was an All Star as a Bronx Bomber.  

Good days are ahead, Yankee fans. Good job, Brian. 

** Getting a song by THE BOSS (the other one) is a big deal. You robbed them for all they had, Cash. Today this one is for you. Well played. **

--Mike O'Hara, Senior "Features" Writer 
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