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When the Skipper picks up the bullpen phone and tells the coach, “Get O’Hara up and throwing”, you do hop to. (Read #MILLERISAYANKEE for more.) So let me warm up the ol’ soup bone and flex the so-called “O’HARA WISDOM” (not sure that is a real thing, but I dig it.)

What makes a TRUE New York Yankee? Is it just wearing the famed Pinstripes? Nope. Is it saying all the right things at your introduction presser? Nah uh. Is it being a homegrown, core 4-type player? Well, that helps, but it’s not what makes a Yankee. What makes a Yankee is a combination of things. Andrew Miller possesses ALL of them. He buys into the tradition. He is selfless and cares about one thing, winning. He LOVES being in the Bronx and wants to stay above all else. He has OUTSTANDING warm up music (That’s a personal note. Johnny Cash? I’m sold.)

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In all seriousness I wish we had a team of Andrew Millers. He is cut from the mold of a Paul O’Neill, Tino Martinez or David Wells. NONE were homegrown Baby Bombers, but I dare you to say none of them are TRUE YANKEE BLUE! Hell, the Boomer wore Babe Ruth’s cap, took the silly fine and would have played for free if THE BOSS asked him too. That’s what makes a Yankee to me. It’s not about the accomplishments right away…no, it’s that desire to accomplish for the team, the fans and the city. It’s to be a part of something bigger than yourself. 

Andrew Miller embodies that. When the Yankees made the move for Chapman did Miller fuss like a Papelbon? No sir! Did he ask for more money or to be traded? Not on you life. Andy simply said, “I want the best for this team.” Kids, grab a pen and take notes. That’s how you do it. On top of everything else Miller is also OUTSTANDING! He is filthy and is the best of the 3 Headed Monster called NO RUNS DMC. 

Being a true Yankee is not an easy thing to be. There have been really good players that I think are truly forgettable in the grand scheme. Tex. Not a real Yankee (despite the ring). I’m sorry. He isn’t a Yankee the way Paulie, Tino, Coney or Boomer were. HE. JUST. ISN’T! Yup, Mattingly was his hero. Sorry, still doesn’t cut the Guldens. I’d say Jason Giambi was more a true Yankee than Tex. Or here, think of it this way. I think Luis Sojo was a Real Yankee. What did he accomplish? He was a ride along guy on some great teams, but Luis was an awesome addition to that clubhouse during his time in the Bronx. He gave all he had to the uniform.

It’s an exclusive club. Talent alone won’t get you access. To be a True Yankee you have to be a Yankee Fan in a way. You see the club for all it stands for and are willing to do all you can to be sure when the PA plays NEW YORK, NEW YORK the scoreboard shows the Bronx Bombers with the W. Andrew Miller is that kind of guy. Let’s keep him here…trade the guy with the rental sign on his back and 103mph on the radar gun.

** Let’s hope Andy Miller runs on as a True Yankee for a long time. **

--Mike O'Hara, Senior "Features" Writer 
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  1. I love everything about Andrew Miller too; the unselfishness is truly spectacular and the fact that he wants to be here is awesome, but what I love most is that he performs under pressure...Playing for the Yankees is not easy and he makes it look easy...It's illogical to most that NY doesn't move him, but there are too many great reasons not to...Maybe we could get a hitting machine like Kyle Schwarber back, but I'm skeptical...Deal Chapman and try to resign him in the offseason if you have to, if Miller wants to stay I say we accommodate him...


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