Tuesday, July 12, 2016


I like that hashtag, but when I read it from #BYB Features writer Mike O'Hara the other day, I wasn't sure if I necessarily agreed 100%.  I mean Andrew Miller just got here last year.  How much of a Yankee is he really? Don't get me wrong, I love him, but what has he accomplished to officially make him a Yankee? When you think about it, someone like Mark Teixeira has been a Yankee for many years now, and both Mike and I don't consider him a "true" Yankee, so what makes Miller one?

I'm clearly baiting O'Hara for a piece here... hopefully he'll come through with some O'Hara wisdom. I'm looking forward to it.
Anyway... Mike made that hashtag the other day when he tweeted that tweet above.  Many times this season there are rumors connected to trading Miller away. 

None of us want that.  But now the Washington Post's Chelsea Jones tweeted this:
 NJ.com writes:

"If the Yankees do trade Miller, they've just let everyone know what the return must look like in their eyes."

That basically means to me that a rental for Miller is not in the cards... and that, my friends will definitely put me AND O'Hara at ease. So will Miller get traded? I guess the Yankees want a lot and maybe that secures Miller in pinstripes for a bit longer. 

Anyway, I had to share that, because there has been a ton of talk about Miller being traded since starting in the off season.  I'd hate that, believe me.

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