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We're big when it comes to family here at BYB just as much as we are with the New York Yankees.  It's quite evident when you see who we have aligned ourselves with over the years.  Laura and Jorge Posada (THE FULL POSADA INTERVIEW), CC & Amber Sabathia (CHRISTMAS SPECTACULAR: INTERVIEW WITH THE SABATHIA), David & Erin Robertson (EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: HIGH SOCKS FOR HOPE), Garrett & Cassie Jones (EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: GARRETT & CASSIE JONES), plus we got to know the Hensley family through Ty, getting to know mom Marci and his brother Jake as well as Lory Ankiel whose husband Rick is with the Washington Nationals.  In other words, the bond runs deep, and we continue to do it differently here at Bleeding Yankee Blue than all the others out there.  While everyone wants to know about the player, we go deeper. We want to know how they've not only become the player, but how they became great people.  That starts at home... with their families.

Enter Brendan Ryan.  A guy who I appreciate in pinstripes and a guy that clearly has a terrific family. Sharyn Ryan is a great chick and it's clear, these 2 kids are crazy about each other.  So, now I have something special for you all. I bring you our interview with Brendan & Sharyn Ryan.

Oh, and here's the best treat of them all.  In something that has never been done here at BYB, we present Brendan's part of the interview via audio.  Sharyn came up with the idea and so, we thought it would be awesome to present it to you to bring that extra personal element to it.

So enjoy this ladies and gentlemen... I certainly did.

BYB: Brendan, I've been a fan since Seattle.  Tell me about when you heard that you were coming to the Yankees.  What's going through your mind? 

BYB: Sharyn, My wife and I both read your tweet about Brendan and you from last December. You tweeted about your 2 year anniversary. Brendan was on Piano. 

We loved it!  How did you and Brendan meet and did you know he was the one?

Sharyn Ryan:  Brendan and I actually met when I was in 7th grade and he was a sophomore in high school. He is one of my brothers best friends and played baseball together. Two years later we're at Notre Dame High School together. I was a freshman and he was a senior. There was definitely an instant attraction but nothing could happen... Minus the age difference at the time, I was his best friends little sister and nothing could happen! Eventually as I got older we hung out more and became really good friends and my brother watched us like a hawk! Finally, my brother Tim realized there was a definite spark between Brendan and I. He gave us his blessing and as they say, the rest is history.

BYB: Sharyn, you mentioned to me that Brendan is very funny.  Expand on that for the BYB audience?

Sharyn Ryan:  I don't even know how or where to begin with this question. That was actually one of the things that attracted me to Brendan, besides his handsome good looks!  Rarely is there a dull moment in our lives, there's always laughter going on in our household. I know at the moment Brendan is known for his mustache but he really should be known as "The Man of a Thousand Voices". We all know he loves to do impersonations but the voices and characters he comes up with on his own are pretty special.  

I swear our son is going to be very confused when he gets older. You really have to be on your toes to be married to Brendan, he's always cracking jokes and is looking for participation in his witty banter. He's always looking to laugh and have fun and I love that about him.

BYB: Brendan, what's up with the Harry Caray impersonation? I have to say, it's the best, most exaggerated and most hilarious one I've ever seen... better than Will Ferrell. I'm not kidding.  How the heck did you come up with that?

BYB: B, tell me about Seattle for a sec.  What's it like to play for a guy like Eric Wedge and compare that to Joe Girardi.  Different Strategy? Personalities? Give the audience alittle insight. 

BYB: Sharyn, Your son is absolutely adorable and We loved your tweet about your "Irish boys."
Tell the audience about what makes parenthood so special for you both...

Sharyn:  Parenthood is everything I thought it would be and more. I mean yes I'm tired, yes I have no free time and I, we can't go to dinner or anywhere like we used to but I wouldn't have it any other way. His smile and laughter melts my heart and makes all those sleepless nights worth it. 

We are truly blessed and lucky to have Hudson, he's such a good and HAPPY baby. What makes it extra special for me is watching Brendan with Hudson, I see that and my heart is full.

BYB: Brendan, what's the best quality about Sharyn?

BYB: Brendan, growing up... what baseball player did you admire most and why?

BYB: Did you always know you wanted to play baseball? And to follow up... what's it like to put on the pinstripes compared to wearing a Cardinals or Mariners uniform?

BYB: Sharyn, I currently have a bet going with one of my friends on who is going to sport Bleeding Yankee Blue gear first... Cassie & Garrett Jones who we interviewed on Opening day, or Lory Ankiel, a friend of BYB's (wife of Rick Ankiel) and just a cool chick.  Should we add you guys into the mix? Are you in? Will you put the others the shame? I have a BYB onesie with Hudson's name on it!

(In Photo: Garrett and Cassie Jones)
Sharyn:  The Jones' are awesome and I'm friends with Lory. She was actually one of the first baseball wives I ever met when Brendan was in AAA Memphis forever ago, she's the best!! But we will have to put them to shame with our BYB gear!

BYB: Finally... Do you read Bleeding Yankee Blue? If so, what do you think?

Sharyn:  I read BYB, not all the time, it"s hard with a little one, but what I have read I liked! You guys seem pretty positive which I appreciate. Brendan does not read anything! Whatever he finds out is from me! He stays away from blogs and articles.

Hey, I get that!

A very special thank you to Sharyn and Brendan for taking the time to speak to Bleeding Yankee Blue.  You 2 are now part of the BYB family!

To my audience; I hope you enjoyed this.  Bottom line, I like these 2. They're crazy about each other and their family and that's what we like to share here at Bleeding Yankee Blue!

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