Thursday, July 31, 2014


The Yankees just can't score runs.  It's been a problem all year. I mean, we have guys like Brian McCann, Jacoby Ellsbury, Mark Teixeira.  How in the world can't we knock runs in? Last night we didn't have our full A team out there, this is true,  but still, the Yankees are professionals... we need to figure this out, it's the end of July at this point... not May 1st.

In little league, you teach strategy and sacrifice and manufacturing runs. Where does that disappear when you turn pro? Break out the strategy book. It's basis baseball!  Oh, and what the hell does Kevin Long do exactly? I know he can't swing their bats, but there is a way to handle professional hitters that doesn't piss off a guy's routine and actually get them to get that confidence back and hit.  It CAN HAPPEN, but Long needs to make it happen... he's the HITTING coach.  The Yankees had 4 hits off Colby Lewis... not exactly Christy Mathewson. We can do better.

Hiroki Kuroda went 7 innings, gave up 9 hits and 3 runs.  Guess what? He did his job.  He seems to always to his job. The offense couldn't and CAN'T do theirs.

We scored 2 runs. Brett Gardner hit his 14th homer in the 1st inning.  Jacoby Ellsbury hit his 9th in the 3rd.  Do you realize that Brett Gardner is carrying this club?  Do you? Now, where are our power guys?  Can you image what we can do if we had everyone contributing?

I'm angry and annoyed.  This is the only thing that made it all better. This is BYB reader Leecy in Arlington last night, showing off her BYB.  Gotta love it. Thanks!

Today is the trade deadline.  Cashman better be looking for guy with a high OBP or OPS or anything that can get this team going. We need to start scoring... it's ridiculous already.

Final: Rangers 3 - Yankees 2

Today's a day off.  Clear your head.  The next series is Boston... wake the hell up!

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