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You know us here at Bleeding Yankee Blue.  We try and bring you the stories and opinion that you may not see elsewhere.  We tapped into something here and we're running with it.  We've interviewed the legends like Paul O'Neill and we've introduced you all to some of the kids, like Dante Bichette Jr and Ty Hensley.  (you can click on their names to read their interviews.)

Now, on the first day of Spring Training's Pitchers and Catchers, I'm happy to introduce you to Cito Culver, the kid who's been given the title, "the next Derek Jeter." No pressure right?  Well, it just so happens that this kid, much like Dante and Ty has his head on straight. So, I had to know what makes Cito tick and as he prepares for his invite to Yankees Spring Training this year, I saw it fitting to bring you all his interview today. Enjoy this, I did.

BYB: People are already calling you the next Derek Jeter.  How does that make you feel and how do you stay focused throughout the media circus? 

Cito Culver: I feel honored to even be mentioned in the same sentence as Derek. I don't think there will ever be another Derek Jeter, so it's unfair to say I am the next. I am just happy to have the opportunity to play for the Yankees and I hope I can make a difference in the future. As for the media, I don't really get a lot of attention and the Yankees do a great job keeping the pressure off us as players.

BYB: Who is the 1 force in your life that keeps you shooting for the stars everyday and why? 

Cito Culver: My mother, my sisters and pretty much my whole family is what keeps me going. They have been there for me throughout everything and I couldn't imagine not having them in my life.

BYB: Who is your favorite New York Yankee of all time and why? 

Cito Culver: Derek Jeter. You probably could have guessed that.  I grew up a big Yankees fan and just the way he goes about his business and prepares for the game is unlike no other. He plays the game the right way and is a great role model.

BYB: What is the first thing you notice walking into the Yankees complex for the first time? 

Cito Culver: All the signs around the clubhouse are about winning and you really get the feeling that that is all they care about.

BYB: Describe a work day for you during the season. What time do you get up, train and what's the mind set? 

Cito Culver: I get up around 10 and get breakfast and head to the field. I get a lift in and then head to the cage and get some swings in. Then batting practice and I get some food before the game. And then... game time!

BYB: The Yankees have a lot of retired numbers. What would your number be when you make it to the big club and why? 

Cito Culver: I haven't thought about that yet. I will think about that when I get closer. For now, I'm just focused on getting better and trying to be the best player I can be.

BYB: I know your dad has had a tough time. It's been reported. How is he doing? 

Cito Culver: My dad is in jail and I haven't had much contact with him. But from what I hear, he is doing a lot better.

BYB: Who was the first Yankee you met when you were signed and describe that meeting. 

Cito Culver: Derek Jeter, and he is one of the most down to earth guys I have ever met.

BYB: Describe the guys you play with during the season, Tyler Austin, Dante, Jose Campos and the relationship you have had with the River Dogs. 

Cito Culver: Those guys are real close friends of mine and we have a blast together. It's always nice to play with guys that have the same goal as you. It makes it that much better of an experience.

(In Photo: Dante Bichette Jr)
BYB: What do you tell a 10 year old kid, like my son, who wants to play for the Yankees with you, Ty Hensley and Dante Bichette Jr

Cito Culver:  Work hard every day and anything is possible. I was supposed to go in the 4th round and I went in the 1st.  That, in itself shows you that dreams do come true.

BYB: Do you read Bleeding Yankee Blue? If so, what do you think?

Cito Culver: I haven't read it, but look forward to reading it soon.

Today hopefully you're reading it Cito and I thank you very much for taking the time to chat with Bleeding Yankee Blue.  Oh, and a shout-out to Dante Bichette Jr. for helping me hook up with Cito so we could bring this to you.

Best of luck this season Cito, we're all pulling for you guys in Yankeeland!

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