Thursday, June 21, 2012


You have to think about it this way; Rafael Soriano is auditioning right now.  He knows that he has a huge opportunity to be a permanent closer for another club next season and this season so far he has handed the closing role quite well. With the top closer in baseball is out all season in Mo, Soriano has come up big.  Maybe RaSo set Mariano Rivera up for injury? I’m totally joking, but let’s face it, that was the only way Soriano would have had a shot to close this year and have other teams notice....Boras is salivating.

Mariano’s on the shelf and David Robertson returns as the 8th inning man.  To be honest, it’s the perfect situation for Soriano. Just keep on closing, rack up the saves and meanwhile, his agent can test the waters.
Does it make sense? Look, the Yankees have given Rafael Soriano big opportunities this year and for the most part, he’s slid in and delivered.  I have no complaints when it comes to Sori.  Hell, we even found out recently from Andrew Marchand that his favorite song is Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline.  Who knew? (Read WHY SORIANO'S MORE LIKEABLE THAN I THOUGHT.)

Sure, there's a chance that Soriano won't test the waters and won't opt-out, but if he does, the Yankees need to look ahead to 2013.  Mariano will most likely be back, and if not, think about the alternatives, like David Aardsma  , a former closer who will be in the mix by then, and Joba Chamberlain who be there and ready to roll too. And of course, Houdini will give u the biggest bang for our buck.  Now look, I’m not replacing Mo, I’m merely stating the fact that Mariano might NOT be back. We don’t know what types of complications could occur after his injury and surgery.  You always need a backup plan…that’s my plan, just in case.

Ladies and Gentlemen, let's face it, Rafael Soriano could he opt-out and sure, he could also stick around one more year. I actually think he secretly likes it in the Bronx.  I’ve seen him smile once or twice, I swear. All I'm saying is, with an agent like Scott Boras, trust me, he'll do his best to get Soriano a big contract and top dollar somewhere, because that's the he operates.  Something to think about...I'm just saying.

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