Saturday, March 3, 2012


Andrew Marchand had a short piece that slipped through the cracks the other day. When I found it today, I smiled. All this time I thought Rafael Soriano was some kind of tight ass. Boy was I wrong. Apparently he owns an iPod. I wouldn't have thought that. Next, he loves music and one of his favorite songs is "Sweet Caroline." Who knew? Now, I hate that song and it's only because Boston plays it at Fenway. Ironically, Soriano said that Derek Jeter hates it too. That being said, Marchand scored big with this simple little nugget on RaSo. Listen to Marchand's recording interviewing Soriano about "Sweet Caroline" HERE. The whole time RaSo says "I love it. I love it." It's pretty funny actually. Here are some quotes from the Marchand article:

"Soriano, though, can't get enough of it -- and so he proceeded to start playing it in the middle of the clubhouse.

"Where it begins ..." Soriano turned to Mariano Rivera in the next locker over and said, "Mo, you like it?"

Mo said, "Oh, Sweet Caroline? Yeah, I like it."

Soriano said, "I love it."

Then the singing began. "And spring became the summer. Who'd have believed you'd come along?"

Thank God someone finally got to the core of RaSo. Maybe, just maybe this guy is a bowl of cherries after all and not a mean SOB. Nice one Marchand, I love this article.

For Marchand's full piece, you guys can read his piece HERE.

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