Friday, April 20, 2012


“…Never rat on your friends, and always keep your mouth shut.”
– Robert DeNiro as Jimmy Conway in Goodfellas

Kevin Youkilis may be a Boston Red Sock, but even he doesn’t need to hear his manager make comments about things he just shouldn’t get involved in. I think back to a post we wrote about Bobby called BOBBY & SCHILLING OR LAUREL & HARDY?, the one where he had the balls to suggest that Curt Schilling “didn’t know what he was talking about” when Curt Schilling suggested that the Red Sox clubhouse was not going to be a good place in 2012. Bobby Valentine needs to practice what he preaches…he also needs to keep his mouth shut for the sake of that Red Sock clubhouse…for the Yankees sake though…keep blabbing Bobby...keep blabbing because this is fun!
Just to fill you in, Bobby said this about Kevin Youkilis: “I don't think he's as physically or emotionally into the game as he has been in the past for some reason..." Read HERE.
Bobby later tried to apologize, but as much as he says it was sincere, it's my estimation that he just wants this all to go away for the moment...and it wasn't sincere. Why do I know that? Because in Bobby’s mind, he doesn’t think he said anything wrong. Now, if you’ve seen Youk over the years, you know he’s dedicated to playing hard every single day of his life. I’m not afraid to admit it… I hate when he bats against the Yankees, he can do damage, so any type of motivation of Youkilis clearly stalled when Bobby V opened his fat trap. We all know Youk doesn’t dog it…anyone from the outside looking in knows that. So where’s Valentine been? Why is he so out of touch? Dustin Pedoria said it best, suggesting maybe that works in Japan (read HERE), commenting on what Valentine called "motivation."
My hypothesis is simple and I’m sticking with it; Baseball has propped this guy up as a great baseball mind for so many years, and now even Bobby has bought into it. So he actually believes he knows what he’s talking about. But no one can be that clueless right? Clearly Bobby Valentine is and he’s about to make me a very happy man this season…not only is he clueless about his own clubhouse, he’s clueless about everything, but he still doesn’t realize it. Hopefully he won’t realize it all season and the Red Sox will stumble through the season with anger for their manager and inconsistent play because of the stress of it all. To be honest, it’s not fair to the Red Sox, because everything Bobby does has backfired so far. Who the hell needs a manager with loose lips when they have a job to win as many games as possible during a 162 game season? He’s a sideshow, a distraction, a clown…and a really really bad motivator.
I’ve stated it before, Bobby’s Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite, (Read HERE) and the guy who thinks that winning it all in Japan should considered an accomplishment in America. “Look what I did, once...a long time ago!”

The best part of him winning in Japan was they didn’t understand his blabber. I kid, I kid, but the point is, he’s not a motivator, he’s a disease in that Sox clubhouse because anyone who walks around with a full resume of shortcomings clearly doesn’t know where he is right now. He’s managing guys that won the World Series, some of them were there for 2 Sox championships…the point is, what could Bobby possibly add besides big headaches?

Will Bobby V destroy the Red Sox this year? Yankee fans will root for it. I will sit back and observe right now because if I know anything about the Red Sox, I know they can play hard down the stretch…but man oh man, imagine if they didn’t? What a treat it would be. Bobby’s the uncle that won’t shut up and no matter how many times you ask him to stay quiet, he digs deeper until… well… you just can’t take it anymore. First rule of the clubhouse Bobby…never rat on your players and always keep your mouth shut.
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