Friday, April 6, 2012


Oh my goodness... this is comedy...

There are 2 people on this earth that think they know things but don’t and when they speak about something they have no idea about, but think they do, it's hilarious. Those 2 people are Bobby Valentine and Curt Schilling. They’re blabber mouths, comedians and they’re not exactly scholars and so I've never really take them too seriously. That being said, I’m not going to ignore them either, especially when they act silly. In a situation when both Bobby V and Schilling are actually acting so similar, I find it amazing that the 2 just can’t get along and become their own comedy act. So you ask, "Casey, what the hell are you talking about, you're boring me to tears!" This...Valentine apparently goes on The Big Show on ESPN in New York for a weekly spot and was asked about Curt Schilling claiming that Bobby was “Not the right fit” for managing the Red Sox and suggesting that things are “going bad” for the Red Sox Clubhouse. He said it on WEEI HERE.

Valentine said of Schillings comments: “I heard about them and I basically think it's irrelevant… because it's something about something he's knows nothing about, obviously. He never played for me, he's never been in uniform for me and he hasn't been in the clubhouse during the spring… Don't make stuff up."

Wow. I found this absolutely hilarious. Are those words to live by Bobby? If so, practice what you preach. Remember that moment that you "didn't make stuff up" claiming the Derek Jeter Flip-play was never practiced by the Yankees? How about when you claimed that Alex Rodriguez got “beat up” by Jason Varitek but you were a manager in Japan at the time? Did you NOT "make stuff up?" It almost seems like you can’t handle criticism but have no problem dishing it out, even without the facts.

The bigger question is this... why the hell did the Big Show not following up on that? Are you seriously going to sit there and tell me that The Big Show “forgot” about when Bobby was spewing crap a few weeks ago? Maybe they just didn’t want to engage Bobby in a challenging debate for the risk that the Red Sox manager wouldn’t appear on future shows, maybe? We all know ESPN and the Red Sox are aligned together and have been for years. They’re the YES Network of New England, I wish they would just admit it. It's disappointing, they should have said "Wait Bobby, you made stuff up with the Yankees a few weeks ago, didn't you?" but no...mum.

I don’t know what’s worse, that Bobby Valentine is not truly the baseball genius that everyone says he is, or that he’s managing the evil Red Sox... OR that these 2 washed up guys can't just form a comedy alliance, because they're way too similar, plus... I like the laugh.

Now I’m going to say something crazy... I feel bad for Red Sox fans, you have a clown as your's going to be one hell of a season.

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