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(In Photo: Corinne with friend Mark)
I have 2 friends who are gigantic Yankee fans. I know right? Strange to be talking about something like that on a Yankee fan site driven by the heart, passion and love for our New York Yankees, but it's true. My friend Mark and I have been talking Yankee baseball for years. In fact, he had his media room painted to resemble Yankee stadium. It was painted by my other friend, artist Corinne Marlowe. She's managed to incorporate both her passion for the Yankees and her passion for art into one. She paints murals and has dabbled in the painting of Yankee wall murals as well as other teams. She's a true talent. We here at Bleeding Yankee Blue had to interview her to see what makes her tick. Enjoy this, I did.

BYB: How did you get involved in painting murals and how did that translate into making wall murals about the New York Yankees?

Corinne: I started painting murals when I moved from Hoboken NJ, where I had been a fashion designer in NYC, to Virginia in 1998, where I went back to school for decorative painting and murals. Understandably, my first sport mural was for a kids' play room of Camden Yards. This was before the Nationals moved to DC. Over time, I started painting sports jerseys of favorite Yankee players, sports lockers filled with gear, etc, mostly for kids' rooms. The mural that I painted for Mark's media room (pictures throughout this post) was by far my most ambitious project. All four walls, plus the ceiling painted as a night sky was a big project, and knowing Mark is such a huge fan, all the details of the facade, billboards, subway entrance and concession stand became even more important. It is one of the epitomes of my career.

BYB: If someone wanted to have that done in their home, how could they contact you?

Corinne: I can be contacted by email at Also anyone who wants to see the full scope of my work, including an entire page dedicated to my Yankee mural, can check out my website at corinnemarlowe.comBYB: So you're a Yankee fan... How far back have you been a Yankee fan?

Corinne: Of course I am a Yankee fan!!! So much so, that I think I would have to charge double the usual fee to paint a Red Sox mural. My husband Walt and I are such fans that for our third year wedding anniversary, we went to a Yankee game. Since the traditional 3 year gift is leather, and since they play with leather gloves, it fit in nicely! My dad was a Yankee fan and taught me everything about baseball as a kid.

BYB: Who is your favorite Yankee player currently and why?

Corinne: My favorite player is Derek Jeter. He is the epitome of class and I appreciate his passion and in depth knowledge and love of the game.
BYB: If you could have a cup of coffee with 1 New York Yankees in it’s rich history for 10 minutes, which Yankee would it be?

Corinne: I'd prefer to talk about baseball over a beer rather than coffee, but still... Lou Gehrig. Second to Derek Jeter of course, he was one of the classiest players to have picked up a bat.

BYB: Do you read Bleeding Yankee Blue? What do you think?

Corinne: I do now!! Just got turned onto it from Mark and I love reading all the in-depth articles on players and updates that I can't find anywhere else.

Corinne and Mark are pretty big fans and while I wouldn't normally just interview anyone on Bleeding Yankee Blue, these 2 aren't anyone. Great Yankee fans stick together, we all share a common bond, just like you and I... we love our the New York Yankees. If you are seriously interested in contacting Corinne for work, you should. You can see some of the pictures of Mark's media room on this post and see more on her website and clearly she does incredible work. Thanks for taking the time Corinne.

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