Thursday, November 10, 2011


It has been determined that the Yankees probably think Mark Buehrle makes the most sense for a Free Agent pickup this season. He’s durable, a lefty and has proved quality over his years with the White Sox. Read about it HERE. The only thing that’s really a downside is age, especially when you look at the young arms out there. Now, the meeting Cash has had with Buehrle’s agent has been just an introduction... “We’re interested…be back soon with a possible offer.” That is how it’s been played out. Buehrle had stated he’d pitch in New York, but let’s face it, the guy wants a job, he’ll probably pitch anywhere, that includes Florida where Ozzie Guillen now manages the Marlins and is a former manager and lover of Mark Buehrle and his performance. No doubt Ozzie Guillen knows and trusts Buehrle’s stuff and no doubt he will push to get him to Florida and to be honest, vouching for a player means alittle something extra. Let me explain.Ozzie Guillen has no stake in trying the drive up Buehrle’s price, he legitimately knows what Buehrle is capable of. The Yankees should take note. Yes, it’s true, the Yankees have charts and stats and blah, blah, blah but one thing they don’t have is a close relationship with Buehrle. Ozzie does have a close relationship and while they are probably friendly, there is also a trust. Like Peter Falk once asked Jon Favreau in MADE….”Can you vouch for him?” asking about whether or not Ricky (Vince Vaughn) was worthy of a job. Favreau vouched for him and in the next scene, they are both getting instructions from Falk.
Ozzie can and Ozzie has vouched for Mark Buehrle. That relationship will be what the Yankees will have to compete with if they want a durable, quality, veteran at a good price on the New York Yankees in 2012. I think back to something I read about Lou Piniella and the Yankees the year Paul O’Neill came to the Bronx. It was 1992 and it was in the New York Times. Looking around the Internet, I found the story HERE and the part of what I remember reading:

"Lou Piniella... advised (Gene) Michael about the trade, and it is doubtful Michael would have made it if Piniella did not give a superb report on O'Neill."

The Yankees were looking at Paulie for a while but they didn’t officially pull the trigger until they spoke to, of all people, Lou Piniella. Yes, it's true, Lou and O'Neill butted heads in Cincinnati, but Lou saw what Paul was made of. Sweet Lou vouched for Paul O’Neill.

You can have all the stats and a friendliness between parties but trusting someone who knows the player well and having is the final seal of approval. Piniella helped seal the deal for O’Neill coming to the Yankees. A lot of people don’t know that…now you do. It’s wasn’t just the numbers and the talent, it was a good faith sign off. The Marlins have Ozzie for that, while they like Buehrle, Ozzie's sign off will seal it for them.

Look, not getting Mark Beuhrle on the Yankees is not the end of the world, but vouching for someone and having players with close ties always helps get a guy on your team. I’m not saying it happens all the time, but it definitely aids in the process. Ozzie has that with Buehrle, the Yankees don’t and sometimes all the money in the world doesn’t matter. Let’s hope Cashman turns on the charm and pushes the fact that we’re 1 pitcher short of a World Championship in New York, because that’s what any pitcher would love to hear. Maybe that could entice Mr. Buehrle, maybe that could bring this gritty veteran to the Bronx. hey, it's just my opinion, different and provocative, it's one of the reasons you read Bleeding Yankee Blue. What’s your opinion? Comment.

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