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Okay, speaking from a woman’s perspective, we’re not always THAT supportive of some of the women that our baseball boys hang out with. It’s not always easy to see the guys on our team being pulled away from what we think should be a top priority: Yankees Baseball. We’ve seen them in the stands, (sometimes) and in pictures with the guys off the field. Some of the arm candy just isn’t up to snuff.

I think we all feel that we went through the public humiliation right along with Alex during his breakup with Madonna, and then later with all the drama of Kate Hudson. Sorry ladies, anyone that makes A-Rod wear a Kabala bracelet is not approved arm candy. As a matter of fact, some of the most devoted Yankee women may have even let you know that, in our own “special” way, had you had to share a restroom with us.
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But, let me be the first to say it. Cameron is different. Cameron is every inch of woman, but not the type to freak out if she breaks a nail. She’s no “butch”, but she isn’t sitting there in the stadium wearing $800 sunglasses, dressed to kill like she just walked on the red carpet to get to the game. She’s in jeans, a tee, and eating popcorn like the rest of us. Whoops... sorry my sweet Alex.

Have you seen this girl work out? Cameron is an athlete herself. We’ve seen her shoot hoops, play baseball and run. She’s not pulling Alex around 5th Avenue making him hold her purse while she shops for stilettos and leopard-print garb. She is working out with him on the field during Spring training. And I’m not talking Pilates… I'm talking strength training. Using a tire that looks like she just ripped it off of an 18 wheeler. This is what we like to see. Arm candy that will buff up those Gold-Glove winning arms, not someone who has to put on a show for the rest of the world. She’s there for Alex, helping him, supporting him, and in a way, that means she’s supporting us too.
So to Alex and Cameron, let me give you my sincerest blessing on behalf of myself and my Yankee sisters. But, a word of caution... if the batting average dips, we’ll take it all back!

-Christy Lee, BYB Staff Writer

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  1. I loved the article as well... We want an all around fru fru kind of girl... Keep up the numbers and we're fine. hahah

  2. Whew, couldn't have said it any better and by the way my friend...I just want you to know that as a woman I've never been a baseball fan however, since reading your articles I have to say that I now realize there is SO MUCH MORE TO BASEBALL. You're helping to understand the important things that make a great athlete such as stance, swing, etc. and now was your night with honey! Keep on writing girlfriend...from You talkin to me?/???


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