Thursday, January 11, 2018


The chaos continues.

Just a refresher... Thumbs down in the Bronx = Good.  Thumbs down in Miami = Bad.

We've had a lot to say about how Derek Jeter is stripping down his Marlin's team. It's a hot mess. I don't know how he can even come back from this. It's been one bad decision after another that just keeps snowballing. That whole idea of "it can't get any worse than this" doesn't seem to exist here. The drama just keeps coming and we are tuned in on this. It's exactly like getting addicted to a bad reality TV show. You just can't look away.

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It's just like Casey said in JETER'S MARLINS TRADE ANOTHER and MARLINS PLAYERS WANT OUT OF MIAMI! no one wants to be on the Marlin's right's a loser. The guys on this team don't want to be losers, and they are ready to pack their bags for another team...HELL ANY TEAM! I'd say "my bags are already packed, get me out of here. Thank goodness. Bye Felicia!"

We already reported that J.T. Realmuto told the Marlins he wants to be traded but now Starlin Castro reportedly wants out according to multiple sources, we'll go with the New York Post HERE on this one. Who can blame him?

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Who wants to play for new owners who have created a world of chaos and show they really have no interest in motivating their players? Or that they are okay pushing away their fan base and starting again with nothing? I can't think of anyone who wants to sign up for that gig. Castro spent six seasons on a rebuilding Cubs team. He knows what that was like. Then he was traded away right before the Cubs won the World Series. That had to sting a little. Then, he gets one game away from a World Series berth as a Yankee and is traded again? This time to the loser Marlins?! The only thing they are winning is an October golf pass while teams like the Yankees play for a championship.

I feel bad for Castro. Sure, being traded away is part of the business. There are always tough choices to make but in Castro's case it's a punishment. Not only will the Marlin's be bottom feeders for a few years, but he gets stuck with nothing but drama that Derek Jeter is partially responsible for.

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Jeter is quickly destroying the Marlins in our opinion. Some of the BYB writers may even disagree with that statement, but Casey and I are simpatico on this. I don't know any other way to say it and as he is doing it he is leaving a bad impression with guys that he should be relating to. Jeter's been in these guys shoes so he should have that inside perspective that owners who haven't played the game will never have...but he doesn't. When you have guys like Dee Gordon being vocal about how you have made things into a "terrible mess" because of "something you can't take care of" it's not something that is going to go away anytime soon. It is something that not only fans, but the people that should be able to relate to him the best will probably never completely accept.

As Jeter continues to trade off these guys it will soon be a field of rebuilding projects. I can't blame Castro for wanting out. Soon Jeter will trade Christian Yelich and Justin Bour too and the Marlin's will truly be irrelevant. Castro doesn't want to be irrelevant. He wants to be a winner and there's nothing wrong with that.

This isn't over....not even close. Who is taking bets on what happens next? Stay tuned.

--Jeana Bellezza
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @nyprincessj

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