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I'm going to say this once, and I'm not going to say it again; If you have a leader that demonstrates that he has no real interest in motivating a franchise, players become uninterested, irritated, and want to get as far away from that so-called leader as they can.  Derek Jeter is one of the Miami Marlins owners... and he has created total chaos within the organization.  In other words, there is uneasiness, disruption and concern.  And players want out as fast as possible.

There's a great and interesting New York Post piece out there today. But first, this is what I wrote the around the time Giancarlo Stanton became a Yankee and the Marlins traded Ozuna away:

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"If I'm Yelich... if I'm Bour, I'm asking to be next, because you don't wanna be on that Marlins team right now... it's a loser."

Now read the New York Post...

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"Yelich became the latest young star to express unhappiness with co-owner Derek Jeter’s organization... after the 26-year-old watched three of his former teammates get traded away in the past two weeks. Yelich, who reportedly had been looking forward to chasing a championship with the Marlins roster of 2017, has been doubting his future in Miami.

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Unlike teammate catcher J.T. Realmuto, who directly requested a trade Monday, Yelich hopes to meet with the Marlins’ president of baseball operations, Michael Hill, to hear him out on the team’s future plans before doing the same."

Look, business is business, we all know this, and yes, there are hard choices, but let me tell you something, ripping off a Band-Aid to quickly on an organization that had only a few nice glimmers is bad, because when those glimmers are gone, bleeding gets worse.  Players are unhappy... fans in Miami are HATING this.  Is it all Jeter's fault? No, but he's a lot of the problem.

More soon on this. I am obsessed with the Miami Marlins and Jeter at the helm.

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